Australian Art Group | Exhibition Now Open

Immerse yourself in the world of Indigenous art, with Australian Art Group's new exhibition as Stockland Piccadilly.

We recently caught up with gallery owner, Ramin Vahdani, to speak about the exhibit.

I have been dealing with Australian Indigenous Art for over 30 years. In the last few years, I have been yearning to familiarise myself with other Australian Artists and display the two art side by side. Like always, my intention was to start small and grow it organically. Hence, for the last couple of years, I was searching for the right spot to do this and finally this gallery was selected to be the place to get things going.

At this stage, we have a very large array of works by Rowdy Warren, a South Australian artist whose bio is attached to this email. There is also a smaller selection of glass and Acrylic on linen by Teagan Hamilton which we intend to expand in the near future.“

 Be sure to check out the display at Pitt St, Ground Floor.