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Using renewable energy, such as solar, is great for the environment and your household budget!


Solar panels require an upfront cost, but once installed, require little maintenance and the electricity they generate is free and clean. 

You can also purchase GreenPower from your electricity retailer.

Renewable Energy

Installing 5kW of solar panels can save up to $1,900 per year and up to 6.800kg of CO2 per year.

Solar panels don't make a noise, have no moving parts and are usually installed out of the way on the roof.

Assumes a North oriented 5kW PV system providing an average 19.5kWh per day over the year installed in the Sydney region. Assumes this the first solar PV system installed at the property and a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate is applicable. (STCs - 103 @$38) Lower savings assumes 60%of total electricity generated is fed back into the grid at a rate of 4.2c/kWh. This scenario models a situation where no-one is home during the day. The upper savings assumes 100% of the electricity is used in the home, thus saving the cost of the normal electricity tariff. This scenario models a situation when the home is occupied during the day using appliances.

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