Baldivis Community Books

Shop at Stockland Baldivis and be rewarded with an extra special gift! 

Simply spend $100 at Coles, Kmart or Woolworths AND $50 at any specialty store (you can use multiple receipts) to receive a copy of our two Community Books - 'Baldivis Life' and 'Stocky To The Rescue'. 

Make sure to bring your receipts to Stockland Baldivis Centre Management (at the top of the escalators) to redeem. 

What do you think of when you picture Baldivis? 

We asked our social media friends last year to show us Baldivis through their eyes. The community responded with images of vast white salt lakes, streetscapes and playgrounds; fog settling over veggie gardens, horse farms, pets and paddocks. And just beyond? Gorgeous beaches, wonderful sporting grounds and stunning Western Australian sunsets. 

And of course we had to ask the children. Not surprisingly their favourite places are our favourite places. Meet our Youth Ambassadors inside our 'Baldivis Life' Community book; and be introduced to Baldivis and beyond through their eyes.

There's a treat for the kids too! You'll also receive a copy of 'Stocky (The Possum) to the Rescue', a wonderful children's book featuring Baldivis locations. 

For more information visit Stockland Baldivis Centre Management (at the top of the travelators) or call (08) 9524 3268. 

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