There are a wide range of centre services and amenities at Stockland Baldivis and we are always willing to help if you require further assistance.

Changing Places Facility

Changing Places toilets are larger than standard accessible toilets and provide people with disability and high support needs access to suitable, safe, and private bathroom facilities. The Changing Places at Stockland Baldivis includes an adult-sized change table, a ceiling hoist and peninsula toilet.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

Stockland Baldivis is proud to offer the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program in-centre. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is to support people with a hidden disability by making the invisible, visible by indicating a person may need additional support or a little more time. To learn more about the program, visit our news page.

Visit the Centre Management Office located at the top of the escalator near Strandbags to pick up a free lanyard, pin or wristband. 

Lost and Found

If you've lost something, we can try to help you find it. For lost and found property enquiries, make your way to the Centre Management office located at the top of the travelator next to Strandbags or call (08) 9524 3268.

Mobility Equipment

Wheelchairs are available for hire, free of charge from the Centre Management office.

To make a booking, contact Centre Management on (08) 9524 3268.

Parents Room

The Centre has two convenient parent's rooms. The Parent's Rooms are located in the corridor adjacent to Brumbys and in the corridor adjacent to Lowes. Facilities include:
Bottle warming
Feeding cubicles
Change tables
Nappy bins

Quiet Room

We know shopping trips can be a sensory overload. The Quiet Room has been specifically created for people who can become easily overwhelmed in bright and busy environments. The room can also be used for those who experience anxiety, have panic attacks or who are temporarily feeling unwell and need to sit down in a calm space away from the noise of the shopping centre. The space features low-level dimmable lighting, sound absorbing materials, and soft tactile textures which may help to sooth and calm, providing an opportunity to reduce anxiety, regulate, re-set, and reconnect.

Centre Management

Centre Management can assist with all Centre services, including the hire of mobility equipment, gift card sales, lost property and transport enquiries. 

Centre Management is located at the top of the travelator next to Strandbags.