Student Sustainability QR Tour

Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre have launched ‘The Sustainability Treasure Hunt’, a retail first education program, where customers can learn about environmentally friendly practices through QR codes hidden throughout the shopping centre.  

The program was designed by the students of Baldivis Secondary College who took part in sustainability programs coordinated by the shopping  centre over the past 12 months, teaching them the importance of sustainable design and development. With the help of modern technology, perseverance and passion, the students have applied their new sustainability knowledge to create this exciting new virtual education tool. 

With the aid of parents, local children will be able to enjoy the treasure hunt in centre by finding and clicking on the QR codes. The code will then showcase a to short video created by the students, which describes the sustainable practice and how it aids in preserving the environment. A QR reader can be downloaded for free via the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores. 

Baldivis Secondary College Teacher, Timothy Hill, said that “Our students were inspired to learn about Stockland’s innovative vision to ‘shape thriving communities’ while reducing the negative impacts on the environment. The students were thoroughly engaged and able to consider some of the contemporary issues and future direction occurring within the industry.”

Stockland Baldivis Marketing Manager, Melissa Osterhage, said: “There’s no better way to learn than through active participation and that’s exactly how the students from Baldivis Secondary College have applied their new knowledge with the creation of the Sustainability Treasure Hunt.” 

“Stockland’s strength in sustainability and commitment to the local community was met head on by the passion of these students to share their new knowledge. Stockland thanks the teachers of Baldivis Secondary College for the opportunity to work with the students in a real life experience.”

The centre offers a number of important sustainable features including water efficient taps and toilets, EV Chargepoints,  carpark shades and cyclist facilities. As a  mark of the project’s success and quality of its design, Stockland Baldivis achieved a 4 Star Green Star Rating (Retail Centre Design v1) accredited by the Green Building Council of Australia.