Amenities Upgrade now open!

Our upgraded bathroom facilities are now open!

We’ve opened our upgraded bathroom facilities near Coles to bring you a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience.

Our new premium bathrooms feature male, female and gender-neutral facilities complete with a communal hand wash station.

The upgraded Parents Room provides families with a dedicated space with change tables, parent/carer bathrooms, private feeding spaces and a play area for little ones.

Coming soon will be an Adult Change Room facility with adult change table, lifter and accesible bathroom. The Adult Change Room facility will be accessible via MLAK key. 

Providing a comfortable space for our visitors with sensory processing differences, like autism, our new facilities also feature a newly created quiet room.



Where can I find the new amenities?

Our upgraded facilities are located in the corridor next to Oven Crisp Bakery.

What can I find in the Parents Room?

Our upgraded Parents Room provides families and caregivers with a comfortable space to care for young children. The space includes change tables, parent and carer bathrooms, private feeding spaces, bottle warmers and a play space for little ones.

What is the Quiet Room?

We know shopping trips can be a sensory overload. The Quiet Room has been specifically created for people who can become easily overwhelmed in bright and busy environments. The room can also be used for those who experience anxiety, have panic attacks or who are temporarily feeling unwell and need to sit down in a calm space away from the noise of the shopping centre. The space features low-level dimmable lighting, sound absorbing materials, and soft tactile textures which may help to sooth and calm, providing an opportunity to reduce anxiety, regulate, re-set, and reconnect.

Why are the hand wash facilities communal?

People of all gender identities and expressions can use communal hand wash facilities. Communal hand wash facilities can also reduce ‘bathroom anxiety’ experienced by some users.

Communal hand wash facilities can benefit parents and guardians accompanying children and people requiring the assistance of a carer, regardless of gender.

Why is there an all-gender bathroom?

People of all gender identities and expressions can use all-gender toilets. They provide a space for people who may not feel comfortable or safe using the female or male toilets and work towards making the community more inclusive.