Old Stockland Gift Cards

The Stockland Gift Card is accepted at over 2,000 participating retailers in Stockland Shopping Centres. It is a perfect gift that can be used for purchases of fashion, homewares, fresh food, eating out and so much more.

Choose your own!

You can choose to have your Stockland Gift Card inserted into one of four greeting cards complete with your choice of coloured envelope.

How to buy

In Centre

You can purchase your Gift Card from Customer Care or the Centre Management Office.

How do I use it?

Take your Gift Card to a participating store at a Stockland Shopping Centre.

Ensure that you know the dollar value that you have available on your Gift Card before making a purchase. If the items you are purchasing have a total that is greater than the value on the card, you can make up the difference with another form of payment.

Using the EFTPOS terminal, the retailer will swipe your card and enter the PIN number on the back of the card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out how much is loaded on the Stockland Gift Card?
The total value of the Stockland Gift Card is on back of the card along with the expiry date. If you have used the card for a purchase, you can check the remaining balance here.

How long do I have to use the card?
The card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Any unused balance will not be refunded or credited on expiry.

Do I have to use the card in one transaction?
No. The card is partially redeemable and can be used for multiple purchases at any participating store. However, any unused balance will not be refunded or credited on expiry. Some retailers may not accept the Stockland Gift Card for small purchases.

Can I put extra value on the card?
No. This card cannot be reloaded with additional credit.

What happens if I lose my Stockland Gift Card?
Treat this card like cash. Defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen cards will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed.

What are the terms and conditions?
You can view the Stockland Gift Card terms and conditions here.

Where can I use this card?

You can see a list of participating retailers here.