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Behind each of your favourite stores are passionate, hardworking people who welcome you to take part in their story, every time you walk in. Here, we introduce you to the faces behind some of your favourite Stockland Wendouree retailers. Learn about the history of their business, the products and services they offer and what they love about their local community.


Meet Kirsten from Colette by Colette Hayman.


Tell us about your store?
At Colette, we aim to help people find the right accessories to allow them or their loved ones to feel confident and inspired. 

What’s three words that describe you?
Bubbly, friendly and helpful 

What do you love about our local community?

I love that it feels like being part of one big family of amazing people who are always happy to help one another 

What do you love about your store?
I love the atmosphere, my team and our amazing products 

What is your most memorable moment in your store?
Becoming the Store Manager 🙏🏽✨

What are some of your favourite stores at Stockland Wendouree?
The Body Shop & Dusk - they smell so good and the staff are wonderful!

What are some must-have items, services or experiences right now?
Coffee & literally any of the food from Ferguson Plarre 🙌🏽


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