Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree 


We’re taking the hassle out of cooking with our range of delicious eats available at Stockland Wendouree.  


Explore our winter food guide to help you plan your next outing or evening takeaway! 


Aroma of India

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

If you’re looking for a warm and hearty meal, then search no-more! The team at Aroma of India create delectable authentic Indian meals that can be paired perfectly with their delicious range of homemade specialty naan bread. While they're known for their incredible butter chicken, saag paneer and rogan josh, you'll be invited to tempt your tastebuds with their lunch thali sets or Indian street food range.  


They have a delicious range of curries in their warm bain-marie for those who would like to grab lunch on the go with no wait times.  


πŸ“ Find Aroma of India in the Casual Dining Precinct near Vodafone 



Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Using only the freshest of ingredients, Boost Juice provides the ultimate flavour hit with their combination of incredible fruits and vegetables. Boost Juice is all about making healthy living tasty and fun, so visit the team today and satisfy your tastebuds. While you’re there, be sure to try their deliciously fresh banana bread or protein balls to keep you energised for longer!  


πŸ“ Find Boost near Kmart 


Daniel’s Donuts

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Daniel’s Donuts push the edge with their unique combinations, daring and delicious flavours. With more than 50 different donut flavours to choose from, they have a little treat for everyone, including vegan and gluten free options. If you’re after something a little more savoury, why not try their range of freshly baked pies and pasties and pair it with a deliciously brewed coffee   


πŸ“ Find Daniels Donuts near Kmart 


Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

With scrumptious flavour combinations, flawless range of birthday cakes and freshly baked pies, pastries and sweet treats, it’s no wonder the team have become an Australian icon! Dine in and experience their amazing customer service, incredible food and delectable beverages, or get your items take-away and savour the moment in the comfort of your home.   


πŸ“ Find Ferguson Plarre near Woolworths 


Gloria Jean’s

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Gloria Jean’s have reimagined their menu with an impressive new take on the café experience. Their  delicious torpedo sub sandwich is baked fresh on site each morning, hot chips are cooked fresh to order and perfectly seasoned, not to mention the coffee is brewed to perfection.  


πŸ“ Find Gloria Jeans near Coles 


Golden Nugget Bakery

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

The team at Golden Nugget Bakery strive to deliver the best freshly baked sweet and savoury menu items across Ballarat daily. With their team baking on-site at Stockland Wendouree, you’re sure to receive fresh pies, pastries and slices that are of the highest quality. The team offer a fresh sandwich bar for those that would like something a little lighter for their lunch, with customers able to select their own ingredients. You can also be the hero of the household and purchase a family pie or pasty for dinner, saving you from the age-old question “what’s for dinner” as you walk through the door.   


πŸ“ Find Golden Nugget Bakery near Priceline 


Griffin Burger

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

If you’re looking for a hearty burger then this is the spot for you! Griffin Burger offers a unique selection of burgers, loaded fries and donuts. You won’t find too many traditional items on the menu with options including the 'Beef Cake', the 'Uni Student' and the 'Peppa Pig Fries.' Griffin Burger is known for pushing the limits and creating delicious flavour combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.  


πŸ“ Find Griffin Burger in the Casual Dining Precinct near Vodafone 


Groundworks Café

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Groundworks Café offers a delectable menu filled with fresh hot food, salads, baguettes, sandwiches and hosts an array of cakes and slices for your post-meal sweet treat. The team pride themselves on offering some of the best coffee Ballarat has to offer. Their experienced baristas use Axil Coffee Roasters and craft their beverages with their custom La Marzocco coffee machine, giving you the ultimate coffee hit that’s perfect every time.  


πŸ“ Find Groundworks Cafe near Strandbags 


Jamaica Blue

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Take time out to enjoy Jamaica Blue’s freshly brewed coffee and delicious fresh toasted focaccias and sandwiches. If you’re after something a little more filling, dine in and try their amazing all-day breakfast range with a coffee and cake to follow.  


πŸ“ Find Jamaica Blue near Vodafone 


Muffin Break

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

With aromatic coffee, delicious toasties and even better muffins, the team at Muffin Break know how to keep you coming back for more. While their specialty may be muffins, the team also produce an amazing range of fresh slices, cakes and cookies. If you’re looking for the perfect pick-me-up, you can’t go past the ultimate sweet treat and coffee combo, perfect for the cooler weather 


πŸ“ Find Muffin Break near Priceline 



Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Pippins is the perfect stop for your favourite winter warmers. With freshly cooked hot chips and gravy, it’s the ultimate go-to when looking for a winter treat. If you’re after something a little heartier, why not try one of their perfectly cooked roast lunch meals and dine in at the food court? The delicious range of roast vegetables and meats can also be added to a fresh bread roll – yum! 

πŸ“ Find Pippins near Strandbags 



Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Keep warm this winter with authentic hot Vietnamese Phở, freshly steamed bao buns or spicy noodle soup from Roll’d. Prepared fresh daily, the team at Roll’d are at the forefront of creating hot, hearty and healthy meals that are made-to-order perfectly every time  


πŸ“ Find Roll'd in the Casual Dining Precinct near Vodafone 



Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

There’s nothing quite like a freshly made sandwich, especially when someone else is making it! The team at Subway have mastered how to create the perfect custom-made sandwich, ideal for your favourite cosy winter treat. With deliciously fresh ingredients, bread baked on site and cookies made daily, it’s the ultimate winter warmer.  


πŸ“ Find Subway near Priceline 


Sushi Sushi

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

The team at Sushi Sushi offer fresh and healthy on-the-go meals with their incredible range of hand rolls and sashimi. The on-site sushi artisans handcraft their products daily, ensuring each item is fresh and utilises only the best quality ingredients. Merging traditional Japanese flavours with contemporary trends, the team create a delicious and fresh lunch for on the go.  


πŸ“ Find Sushi Sushi near Woolworths 



Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

If you’re looking for a fresh and delicious tea option but would like something a little lighter than a hot beverage, then Teaser is the perfect stop for you. The team create authentically brewed fresh boba made with premium tea flavours. Try one of their best-sellers like the Dirtea, Pearl Milktea, Lychee Go or Jasmine Milktea, the perfect pick-me-up any time of the day.  


πŸ“ Find Teaser near Woolworths 


Wendouree Chinese Kitchen

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Wendouree Chinese Kitchen is the perfect stop in your shopping journey. Choose from a range of delicious authentic Chinese dishes and create a plate of noodles, rice or fried foods for a delicious experience. You can dine in at Stockland Wendouree’s main food court, or grab your meal takeaway after shopping to enjoy at home. 


πŸ“ Find Wendouree Chinese Kitchen near Strandbags 


Wildseed Café

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

The team at The Wildseed Café pride themselves on creating exceptional specialty coffees and delicious Belgian hot chocolates. Their wide variety of modern breakfast foods, focaccia's and delectable cakes are the perfect pairing to go with your hot beverage. Visit the cafe in the Casual Dining Precinct for a take-away lunch or relax in the beautiful modern and open space. They're open for breakfast, lunch and your afternoon coffee needs.   


πŸ“ Find Wildseed Cafe in the Casual Dining Precinct near Vodafone 


Yutaka Sawa

Winter Warmers at Stockland Wendouree

Using bamboo mats, or makisu, Yutaka Sawa is one of the few Japanese sushi stores to follow the authentic and time-honoured tradition in their rolling process. Taking pride with each item on their menu, Yutaka Sawa produce a range of high-quality sushi and sashimi using only the best ingredients. Visit the team today and get the perfect fresh and healthy takeaway lunch option 


πŸ“ Find Yutaka Sawa near Coles