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Backward makeup


How to nail the backward makeup trend

When you think of makeup, what comes to mind? Perhaps, flawless blending, radiant skin, and chiseled cheekbones are at the top of your list. But achieving all that without the help of a makeup artist is another story. So, listen up makeup newbies and even makeup devotees, because we’ve just discovered the ultimate beauty hack that’s going to change your makeup routine for the better! 

Allow us to introduce the very aptly named technique; backward makeup, also known as underpainting. It was first popularised by none other than Mary Phillips, the esteemed celebrity makeup artist who often works with Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner! The technique is all about achieving one even layer of makeup, starting with your finishing products like bronzer and highlighter before applying your foundation. Sounds scary, right? But when it comes to makeup advice, Mary Phillips is certainly a top authority worth heeding. So, let’s take a look at how to master backward makeup and what products you need to get started.

Products you’ll need
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While the technique is inherently simple, it still requires some blending to ensure you get that natural finish, so let’s start with the beauty tools you’ll need. A beauty blender or sponge is a must for blending bronzer and blush. You’ll also need a large fluffy brush to apply your foundation with. 

Once you have the correct tools, it’s time to update your makeup bag with some non-negotiable products – cream bronzer or concealer two shades darker than your usual skin tone, blush, highlighter, concealer, and a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Tip: you’ll be applying your foundation after your contour, so you need to be careful not to apply anything too heavy.

Lastly, stock up on skincare to prep the skin! Opt for a daily moisturiser, SPF, hydrating serum, and a primer. You can find all these items at City Perfume or Kmart.

Trust the process 

Now that you have all the products needed from Stockland Wetherill Park, the time has come to try the technique out! Here’s a step-by-step guide to backward makeup. 

Step 1 – prep the skin
First and foremost, prepare the skin with some form of hydrating product. This could be a serum, moisturiser, or primer. This step is the secret to glowy and radiant skin and will help when it comes to seamlessly blending your bronzer and blush.   

Step 2 – contour 
Grab your beauty blender and your cream bronzer and get contouring! We recommend applying bronzer to your cheekbones, outer forehead, jawline, and the bridge of your nose.

Tip: Mary Phillips describes this step as creating the bones! Ensure you’re outlining everything you wish to enhance and chisel.

Step 3 – concealer 
Next, you’ll need to conceal under your eyes, between your brows, under your nose, your chin, and any blemishes or pigmentation. 

Step 4 – highlighter 
Time to add some more shine! Use a liquid highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and just under the arch of your brows. Basically, all the high points of your face!

Step 5 – foundation 
Dip your fluffy powder brush into a lightweight foundation and apply this to your face in circular motions. Ensure you have covered your whole face evenly, blending together all your previous steps in to one flawless base.

Step 6 – complete the look
Now that you’ve successfully pulled off the backward makeup hack, you can continue the rest of your makeup how you would normally; fill in those brows, create a stunning eye look, add a pop of colour to your cheeks, line those lips, and finalise everything with a quick spritz of setting spray!

As it turns out, you’ve probably been doing your foundation all wrong (up until now, that is!). Backward makeup is one of those beauty hacks that actually work, trust us on this! You’ll be amazed at the expert-level blending and subtle skin sculpting. But first, don’t forget to stop by Stockland Wetherill Park to grab all the essentials.

Keen to learn more? A quick scroll through the #underpainting hashtag on TikTok and you’ll see just how amazing this technique is! Alternatively, watch Mary Phillips talk through the trend right here:

@makeupbymaryphillips lmk if you have questions! First video please be nice! Lol 🥰 #maryphillipsmakeup #maryphillipshack #contourtechnique #foundationhack #makeuphack ♬ Lo-fi hip hop - NAO-K

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