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Beauty Tricks For Busy Mums

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With mum blogger Jess Dempsey from What Would Karl Do?

Meet Jess Dempsey, mum blogger at What Would Karl Do? As a busy mum, Jess knows first-hand how difficult a juggling act finding work/life balance can be. Discover her tips and tricks for looking and feeling your best as you navigate day to day life as a modern mum.

As a working mum, do you struggle to find much ‘me’ time?

That’s the one thing I am still trying to work out, how to get some ‘me’ time that isn’t work. My days are spent either working when the kids aren’t home or ‘on duty’ when they are. I would love to spend some time doing Pilates, shopping or just sitting in a bath for 20 minutes, but I think I’m a few years off that, especially when the after school activities and sports start to kick in! But hey, I am pretty happy giving my boys my time – it’s what I signed up for isn’t it?

What’s in your handbag?

The only beauty item in my handbag for touch-ups is my lip gloss. I like to think that how I left in the morning should last me all day - my lips just need some moisture.

What are your favourite drug-store finds?

I love micellar water for a great clean and pawpaw cream for over lipstick and for my kids to use on any sores or dry lips.

Have your kids ever raided your make-up case?

My littlest son loves my make-up and I have found him on many occasions with a face full of lipstick that has then travelled around my house and painted my bedroom walls. Recently, he took my favourite liquid eyeliner and drew all over his face.

Is there a single beauty product you couldn’t live without?

My liquid eyeliner. It’s kind of my trademark; I’ve been doing it since high school. I have been conscious about how big my eyes are since a young age and a lick of liquid eyeliner on the top gives me a hint of Bridgette Bardot.

Describe your morning skin care and beauty routine.

I always cleanse, sometimes exfoliate and then always moisturise. I can’t apply make up until I have primed my skin. I like to keep my mornings as quick and simple as possible by just sticking to a light foundation, blush, bronzer, highlight, liquid eyeliner and my brows. What’s the secret to nailing a simple yet stylish look? I think if your hair is freshly blown out and styled, it doesn’t matter how much make up you put on. You will still look perfectly polished!

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Always wear sunscreen! It’s the best thing to prevent skin damage.

What recent beauty trend can you just not make sense of?

Coloured mascara. I personally don’t know why anyone would wear it unless they are on the catwalk.

How has becoming a mother altered your daily beauty routine?

I am always on a time limit now. I don’t always have freshly clean and styled hair, I have dry shampoo on hand and my make-up kit has been the same for six years (since having my first son) and I do the same make-up routine day in and day out for convenience.

How important is looking good to feeling good?

I believe that when you know you look good, even if it is simply having your hair freshly coloured, you feel good. Self-esteem and confidence are so important for our wellbeing and happiness. Whether it is a simple blow dry, or gym session and smoothie that makes you feel good about yourself, I am all for it!

What’s your beauty mantra?

Start from beauty within and it will always shine through!

What classic look is failsafe?

I love the smoky eye and nude lip!

Do you have a DIY beauty trick you’d like to share?

I love putting hair oil on the ends of my hair when I have gone days without straightening it. It’s amazing! It gives a quick polish and keeps your hair hydrated between straightening.

Who is your celebrity beauty inspiration?

I love Blake Lively. She always has a fresh glow about her. Her hair is also phenomenal. She nails it every time with either a braid or soft waves.

What few products do you pack when travelling?

Moisturiser, my make-up kit (but reduced to the essentials), my blow dryer, straightener and hair oil. They say you are what you eat.

Is there anything you eat or drink for your skin’s sake?

I only drink water. I actually don’t just do it for my skin but I do it for my whole body. I don’t drink alcohol, I am one of those rare people that woke up with a hangover about twelve years ago and said I would never drink again, and I never have.

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