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Feel great every day with these nine at home workouts

Category: fitness

You don’t need any equipment to get in a good workout and feel great! 

Living an active lifestyle has become more and more ingrained in Australian communities, and for good reason! Those happy endorphins are a welcome side-effect from moving our bodies and if we’re honest, we can’t get enough of them! Though with tight schedules punctuated by morning meetings, school drop-offs, appointments, and walking the dog, our time is precious. Cue, at-home exercise! Ranging from mature strength-building programs to 28-minute HIIT burners, these speedy virtual workouts (many of them free) will get you moving, no matter your age, ability, or schedule. 

The Quick Workout

28 by Sam Wood is one of the most popular at-home health and fitness programs in Australia, with their speedy 28-minute workout and options for all fitness levels, abilities, and stages of life. Sam is also hosting FREE live workouts via the public Facebook page at 9am AEST each weekday. 

The Fun Workout

A new concept by former Biggest Loser Trainer Libby Babet, The Upbeat takes HIIT, cardio, dance and strength workouts and combines them with epic and uplifting beats, because life is too short for boring workouts! With both live and on-demand workouts, you can try it for the first week for free and pump those feel-good endorphins. 

The Family Workout

Beth Borowsky is the founder of The Karma Class and is a leading expert in working with schools to create programs that bring calm into the classroom. Using yoga-based movement, breath, and mindfulness, the program promotes calm and good health, and helps to reduce anxiety in kids, teachers, and the family unit. They’ve also recently launched online classes and the basic program is free, with plenty more workouts available for those who would like to challenge themselves further.   

The Mixed Bag Workout 

This is the ultimate online program for people who like variety. Flow Athletic are live-streaming over 65+ classes per week via private Facebook live pages including strength, spin, yoga, Pilates, and even kids’ classes. Founder and former NRL player, Ben Lucas, has been a trainer for upwards of 18 years and understands the need for a time-saving program (most classes are 30-minutes) with plenty of variety. 

The Portable Personal Trainer 

If you’re someone who needs a little extra motivation and accountability to continue moving your body each day, the Fitbit Coach program could be perfect for you! You will need to pick up a Fitbit from your local Stockland centre first, but once you’ve programmed in your specifics e.g. age, height, and ability, the app will produce a tailored workout program to suit you. It also gives you little prompts of encouragement something we all need from time to time!

The Calming Workout

Women working out at home in front of a laptop with their dog sitting by their side.

For those who haven’t tried meditation before and don’t know where to start, why not let the pros guide you through it? Soul Alive is the live-streamed meditation platform by meditation master Luke McLeod and is run three times a week. The classes are also kept live for 24-hours afterward in case you miss them. 

The Athlete’s Workout

The ultimate low-impact, high-energy workout, Barre Attack is a method created by former professional ballet dancer and Pilates instructor Renee Scott. With a focus on toning and improving general health, as well as assisting those who are coming back from injury, the Barre Attack program is also fantastic for athletes who are looking to strengthen their stabilising muscles. It’s live-streamed via Zoom and is certainly a fun way to get fit!

The Challenge 

Short, sharp bursts of exercise have shown to immediately improve mood and increase energy and productivity. So, the next time you’re flicking through Netflix to settle into a new series, why not participate in the 30 Day Squat Challenge, too? Simply download the free app and tick off each day! There are also plenty of levels to take part in, from beginner to advanced, so there’s a challenge for all abilities. 

The Mature Workout

Older woman working out on a fitness ball at home.

Focusing on the mature age group of 50+, Community Moves is a studio run by Exercise Scientist Van Marinos who specialises in training people in the later years of life. These online, low-impact, functional workouts focus on weight-bearing resistance training that help to improve balance, coordination, and strengthening bones, but most importantly, they’re all about community and connection!

Feeling part of a community and feeling great in your own skin is what Stockland is all about! And with so many options to get moving (and feel a burst of good energy while you’re at it), all from the comfort of your living room, there really is no reason not to take part in the movement.


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