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Sleepover Activities Kids Will Love

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Planning a few fun things to do throughout the duration of a sleepover is the best way to keep kids entertained. Not only will they be able to create their own special memories, but will be able to take something home with them as a memento of their time.

It’s important not to over plan when it comes to games and activities. Kids tend to love making their own fun, but encouraging some amount of structured play will break up the time well and prevent boredom.

Bubble Blowing
For the afternoon, setting up a bubble blowing station can be a simple way to start off the fun and laughter. An automatic bubble blower or hand wands will both work well and are an inexpensive way to kick off the slumber party. A high-energy activity like hula hooping will tire them out, making bedtime (hopefully) run a lot smoother.

Girls playing outside with bubbles

Round out the afternoon with a craft activity. Whether it’s paining or glitter art, it’s nice to give them something to take home with them as a memento of the occasion. Something they can feel proud of and work on together is perfect.

Slumber party arts and crafts

Movie Night
Moving into the evening, a movie night with popcorn and magazines will be a great way to get them relaxed and prepared for lights out. Although there’s likely to be laughter and gossip until all hours of the morning, structuring the activities like this will give them the best chance at some quality shut-eye.

Girls enjoying a slumber party

Karaoke / Photo Session
In the morning, keep the activities low-key so they don’t go home feeling overexcited. Karaoke and a photo shoot session is a perfect agenda, and will have them going home on a high note.

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