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4 DIY Math Games For Kids

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Easy as 1,2,3.

This just in: maths can be fun! Encourage a love of learning with games that are both educational and enjoyable. Gather the whole family to play along, or even host a game night. Forget books and websites, teach the kids how to create and play with their very own DIY maths games.

Hop to it
Not only will this classic game kick-start their little brains, but their bodies too. Tear them away from the TV, head outdoors and soak up some much-needed sunshine. Use chalk to draw boxes on the concrete, number them and get hopping! Toss a dice and have your child jump to the appropriate squares, or simply should out numbers and sums and have them follow suit. Enjoy the best of both worlds – exercise and education. 

DIY Math Games

On a roll
Let’s face it, every kid loves play dough. Gooey and colourful, what’s not to love? While usually used to create artistic masterpieces, play dough can also be a great tool for numerical learning. Teach the kids how to write and represent numbers by having them roll the dough into long tubes to create the letters and numerals to spell out the number, and create round spheres to represent each unit. This creative, hands-on approach is sure to be successful.

DIY Math Games

Shop till they drop
Instead of the usual ‘mummies and babies’, change the plot of the next pretend playtime to ‘grocery shopping’. Set up the kitchen with different foods laid out on the counter complete with paper price tags. Give your child a zip lock bag filled with small notes and coins and a shopping list and let them pretend to purchase each item, counting out the correct amount. This game, while fun, is also an incredible way to teach kids invaluable skills –both mathematical and practical. 

DIY Math Games

The bigger, the better
For beginners, reading the tiny dots on a dice calls for more squinting than it’s worth. Instead of using a normal dice, get inventive and build your own big one. All you’ll need is a tissue box, some paper, tape and a sharpie. Cover the tissue box in paper and secure. Then, draw on the dots and you’re ready to roll. Use your oversized creation to improve counting by tossing and reading each roll. For extra excitement, set target numbers and aim to roll them exactly, just as you would in an adult game.

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