We believe there is a better way to live and sustainability is a fundamental part of that belief. Our 2030 vision is to regenerate the environment, ignite inclusive prosperity, and inspire people to thrive. Turning vision into action is at the heart of Stockland’s culture, so our sustainable future has its foundations in the work we’re doing now. There are big challenges ahead, but by taking meaningful steps forward, together, it is achievable.


Stockland Sustainability

Stockland has announced it has accelerated its climate action, bringing forward its target to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions to 2028 – two years earlier than previously committed - and extended the commitment across all its business activities. Stockland’s target covers close to 170 active assets and projects across Australia, including residential development emissions.

This new target demonstrates the company’s long-standing commitment to climate action and continues the business’ track record of ESG leadership in delivering environmental, social and economic outcomes for the community.

Stockland will achieve its Net Zero Carbon target through continuing the successful rollout of renewable energy, portfolio electrification and pioneering a number of innovations to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Stockland’s Net Zero Carbon program is also underpinned by a partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), which last year provided a $75 million debt facility which funds key initiatives including Net Zero Carbon for our Retirement Living and Industrial portfolios and for our Corporate Head Offices.

Stockland's Net Zero Carbon commitment doubles their recent industry leading $33 million, 18 megawatt installation of rooftop solar across their portfolio with an additional up to 19 megawatts across their retail town centre and logistics assets.

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Stockland Burleigh Heads solar panels, sustainability

Solar Energy

In 2018, Stockland Burleigh Heads was part the largest rooftop solar project ever undertaken by a landlord in Australia; 6.4 hectares of solar panels across 10 Stockland Retail Town Centres.

The $23.5 million investment saw more than 39,000 photovoltaic (PV) panels installed, comparable in size to more than nine rugby fields, across the roof space on shopping centres.

With the project expected to generate 17.2 GWh of additional renewable energy every year, it will account for 20 to 25 per cent of retailers’ baseload and usage, excluding supermarkets and department stores. Near the conclusion of FY18, Stockland added another three sites to the rollout. Once complete, the investment will increase Stockland's combined retail town centre solar generation capacity to 16.36 MW over 13 sites generating an estimated 20,000,000 kWh per annum.

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Electric Vehicle ChargePoints

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Stockland Burleigh Heads offers free electric vehicle (EV) charge points as part of our commitment to promoting energy efficiency.

There are two ChargePoints and 1 Tesla Destination Charger located between the St George bank and The Coffee Club.

Customers that use our charge spots need to be registered with ChargePoint, our charge point supplier, and have a key card to enable use of the charger. It’s then simply a matter of unlocking the charge cable and plugging it into your electric car’s charging socket.

BindiMaps navigation app

BindiMaps Navigation

As part of our inclusive and accessible living strategy, Stockland Burleigh Heads has invested in a navigational technology that allows people vision impairment to shop independently.

BindiMaps is a smart phone app that provides indoor wayfinding and navigation. The mobile app provides simple, easy-to-follow indoor navigation services for people who are blind or vision impaired. The app uses Bluetooth beacon technology to pinpoint a user in an indoor space and then guide the user to their chosen destination. Just like Google Maps, but for indoors.

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Containers for Change Program

Containers for Change Program

Stockland Burleigh Heads have committed to reducing the amount of drink container waste that ends up in landfill whilst supporting the wonderful work of local non-for-profit charities through the Partners for Change Program.

The initiative is in partnership with Queensland container refund scheme; Containers for Change and it allows shoppers and retailers to deposit eligible 10c beverage containers in the specially marked bins that are available throughout Stockland Burleigh Heads.

The funds collected from the deposited containers will go to help the local community through the amazing efforts of Act For Kids.

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