Busy shopping centres can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly for people with hidden disabilities. Stockland Point Cook is proud to offer families a range of sensory-friendly activities and tips to make their centre experiences as convenient, calm, and organised as possible.

Plan Your Visit

Sensory Map

To help families navigate busy centres, in partnership with Aspect Australia, we have mapped out potential sensory stressors such as noise, light, smell, and touch as well as crowding or busy areas of the centre. The map also indicates calmer quieter places if needed, and assists in preparing a person by increasing the predictability of a new environment.


What is a Sensory Map?

Sensory maps are used to prepare a person and increase the predictability of a new environment and indicate calmer, quieter places if needed. This helps to reduce sensory overwhelm, anxiety and stress. 


Developed in partnership with Aspect

Stockland Point Cook was assessed by Aspect's Autism Friendly team on a typical, busy day. Autistic people conducted a walkthrough of common areas, giving live feedback about their experience and advising on potential positives, challenges and solutions. Individual retailers and car parks were not assessed. 

Note: While the Sensory Map acts as a guide for a typical day at the centre, sensory experiences are subject to change day-to-day.

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Best parking

To make your trip as convenient as possible you can plan ahead my knowing where to park for best access to the retailers you are wanting to visit. Park under Target for best access to Target, Strandbags, Prouds and Customer Care. Park under Woolworths for best access to Woolworths, Rebel Sport, Pacific Smiles Dental, NAB, Point Cook Pharmacy and the Food Court. Park under Coles for best access to Coles, Aldi, Point Cook Super Clinic, Pharmacy Select and the Dining Precinct. 

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Customer Care Desk

Customer Care is located in the Target precinct, next door to Noni B and is open during centre core trading hours for assistance and queries. If you want to speak with a customer service representative before making your way in centre, please call 03 9395 4722 for more information.


Our state-of-the-art Parents Room feature private feeding rooms, play areas, children’s toilets, bottle warmers, clean change tables and heated baby wipes. They are located in each of the amenities corridors in each mall. 

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Discover what's on

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Kids DIY activities
Sensory play helps children to develop and improve their fine motor skills, co-ordination and concentration. It also encourages creativity and helps to develop their imagination. If you’re looking for fun sensory activities to keep the kids entertained at home, check out some of the articles below.

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