Stockland recognises that is has a significant role in the development of sustainable communities of the future. For us, sustainability is about ensuring we leave the communities where we operate, and the environment that they enjoy, in great shape for future generations. We approach this by bringing the voice of our stakeholders into how we work and how we deliver sustainable shopping centres which operate efficiently and minimise the impact on the environment.






Stockland Sustainability

We have a strong commitment to managing and benchmarking our performance and use of environmental rating tools across our assets and developments. So much so that it has become part of the way we develop all of our Commercial Property assets. We have an impressive list of Green Star ratings across multiple asset types including Stockland Townsville, North Shore, Highlands, Merrylands and Shellharbour.

We currently have the highest number of Green Star rated shopping centres in Australia.

In FY09 we business committed to a 20 per cent reduction in energy and carbon intensity in Commercial Property by FY14. We continued to deliver energy efficiency through a strong focus on management.

We have achieved a 23 per cent improvement to date against FY09 levels across Commercial Property and exceeded our FY14 target. Energy efficiency reduced by 16 per cent and carbon intensity levels reduced by 17 per cent.

Over the past year focus areas have included:
• Alternative energy – implementing solar PV installations to include clean, renewable energy as a proportion of energy consumed across our portfolio.
• LED lighting – implementing new energy efficient LED technologies in shopping centres where we are upgrading lighting as part of rolling capital improvement programs.
• Sub-metering installations – implementing intelligent sub metering systems across the portfolio for energy performance monitoring and analysis and upgrades to Building Management Systems.
• Air-conditioning upgrades and fine tuning programs to replace older energy intensive plant with high efficiency equipment and to optimise energy performance in operation.

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Stockland is installing Australia’s largest single rooftop solar system at its Shellharbour Shopping Centre to provide clean, green, renewable energy, generating 28 per cent of the centre’s daily base building power requirements. 

The system comprises 3,991 photovoltaic (PV) panels that are being installed on the roof to provide a total surface area of 7,658 square metres, which is similar in size to the surface area of a football field. The system will generate on average 4,789 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day, enough to power 280 homes. 

The new solar power system is expected to be fully operational by the end of May 2015 and is the latest in a series of sustainability initiatives in place at the 4 Star Green Start rated centre. Stockland expects the system to generate sufficient renewable energy to offset approximately 1,700 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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