There are a wide range of centre services and amenities at Stockland Shellharbour and we are always willing to hear if you require further assistance. Please feel free to let us know.

Accessible Amenities

Our Accessible Restrooms are located behind the Food Court, near The Greater Bank, Target Mall and The Avenue Restaurant Precinct, plus next to the central travelators on Ground Level and Plaza Level.

Accessible parking spaces are located close to the centre entrances for your convenience.

Stockland Shellharbour is proud to offer families a sensory-friendly shopping guide and Sensory Map to make their centre experiences as convenient, calm, and organised as possible. View the guide here

Community Room

Stockland Shellharbour's Community Room is available to non profit community groups to utilise for meetings and activities, free of charge.

The Community Room is located in  the corridor next to City Beach. Contact Centre Management on 02 4296 8266 for bookings and enquiries.

Customer Care

The Customer Care Centre can assist with all Centre services, including the hire of Mobility Equipment, purchasing of Gift Cards, Parcel Pickup, Job Guide placements, Lost Property and Transport inquiries.

The Customer Care Centre is located near Michael Hill beside Jamaica Blue and is open seven days a week. Contact Customer Care on 02 4296 8266


Shoppers at Stockland Shellharbour can enjoy the benefits of free WiFi. To join the free WiFi Service follow these steps:

1. Ensure your wireless enabled laptop or smart phone is turned on and has the wireless signal activated.

2. Go to Available Wireless Network Collection list.

3. Select '. Stockland Free WiFi .' You may need to select 'connect'. 

4. On the welcome screen enter your details and select 'Connect to WiFi'. 

Gift Cards

No matter how well you know someone, sometimes it’s hard to find the right present. Give the gift of choice with a Stockland Gift Card. Starting from just $10, a Stockland Gift Card can be spent in any participating store in any Stockland Shopping Centre in Australia. 

The Stockland Gift Card can be purchased from the Customer Care Centre, located in the food court near Soul Origin. Cards are valid for 36 months from the date of issue and have a $1.50 administration fee. 

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program

Stockland Shellharbour is proud to offer the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program in-centre. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is to support people with a hidden disability by making the invisible, visible by indicating a person may need additional support or a little more time. To learn more about the program, visit our news page.

Visit our friendly Customer Care team located in the food court near Strandbags to pick up a Sunflower lanyard, pin or wristband today.

My Funland

At Stockland Shellharbour, we have two exciting playground areas for your kids to enjoy! Visit the outdoor 'my funland' play area in the City Square. Relax with a coffee and catch up with friends while watching your kids have a great time. Plus bring your children along to our new ‘Pirate Ship' themed indoor playground, located outside Target. Read more about our new Pirate Ship Playground here.

Parents Rooms

Our well-equipped Parents' Rooms are located behind the Food Court, near The Greater Bank and next to the central travelators on Ground Level and Plaza Level.

Facilities include: 

  • Change tables

  • Nappy bins

  • Heated baby wipes

  • Wash basins

  • Play area for the kids

  • Bottle warming

  • Private feeding rooms

Quiet Rooms

The quiet rooms are designed to create a safe place for parents, caregivers and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), providing a calm, low sensory environment, which can be used as a retreat away from the busy shopping centre. 

The rooms feature sensitive play screens, tactile wall panels, sensory wall coverings, bean bag and dimmable lights. Each room has also been given a theme, ‘Cuddly Clouds’ and ‘Among the Trees.’
Both rooms are located within the Parents Room facilities, one on the ground level near the Fish Market and the other on the plaza level near Ripcurl.