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Corporate Governance

The Stockland Board takes its governance responsibilities seriously and believes it has the necessary mix of experience and skills to oversee the high standard of corporate governance, integrity and accountability required of a professional and ethical organisation.

The Board believes that Stockland's governance accords with the principles and recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council, as summarised in our Corporate Governance Report, in our Annual Report 2023.

Unless otherwise stated, our main corporate governance policies and practices in place throughout the financial year are as outlined below.

Notice of Reliance on ASIC Class Order [CO13/655]

Effective from 5 December 2013, Stockland Trust Management Limited (ACN 001 900 741, AFSL No. 241190), as responsible entity of Stockland Trust ARSN 092 897 348) ("Responsible Entity") will rely on ASIC Class Order [CO13/655] in relation to Stockland Trust. 

In accordance with ASIC Class Order [CO13/655], the Responsible Entity must document certain matters when exercising its discretions to set the issue price of units in Stockland Trust. Such documentation will be retained by the Responsible Entity for a period of seven years from the date of any relevant exercise of discretion. During this period, investors may request a copy of such documentation, free of charge, by writing to the following:

Chief Financial Officer
Level 25, 133 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000