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Friends walking in the streets of a Stockland Halcyon community with their dog

Lifestyle and liveability

The Stockland Liveability Index  

Did you know that in 2023 94%* of Stockland Halcyon homeowners were happy with their ability to maintain their physical independence in our communities?    

We know it takes a lot more than bricks and mortar to create connected, liveable and happy communities. The voice of our homeowners plays an important role as we continuously work towards curating inspiring places that offer a better way to live.  

The annual Liveability Index Survey ^ measures what matters most to homeowners, so we can design communities around what’s important. The survey invites feedback on the lifestyle aspects of: 

  • Belonging
  • Connection
  • Health and fitness
  • Safety
  • Environment and sustainability 

Learn more about the five key areas below.  

*% of homeowners that are happy or extremely happy. 
^The Stockland Liveability Index Survey encompassed 11 active communities in 2023 in Stockland Halcyon’s portfolio and 13 active communities in 2024.  

Friends get together to socialise and enjoy a drink


Belonging is that special connection you feel when you’ve found your place in the world.  It’s knowing your neighbours by name, making new friends, the warm greetings you receive when you’re out and about in the community, and coming home to a place that feels just right for you. 

In 2023, 87% of home owners said they agree or strongly agree* that their community is a desirable place to live. 

*Portion of home owners that gave a 8-10 score out of 10. 

Couple laughing and smiling at each other


Connection is about having accessibility to a range of infrastructure and amenities. Regardless of your working status, having convenient connections to local shops, medical and allied health services, transport, and the greater community is important for holistic societal living. 

Stockland Halcyon communities should feel like you have everything you need at your fingertips for a balanced lifestyle. 

In 2023, 8 in 10 homeowners said they were satisfied/extremely satisfied with proximity of local parks and natural environment.

Two ladies play pickleball together

Health and fitness

Stockland Halcyon communities are strategically masterplanned with homeowner health and wellbeing in mind. The community facilities are designed to keep homeowners physically and mentally active and socially connected.    

We want to know if our curated activities and social groups enrich your experience of community living, adding to your overall health and wellbeing.   

In 2023, 94% of home owners indicated they were happy/extremely happy* with their ability to maintain their physical independence.

*Portion of home owners that gave a 8-10 score out of 10. 

Halcyon Lakeside front gate entry to community, with car leaving and lady riding bicycle


It goes without saying that safety is essential in any community setting. Safety encompasses personal safety, security of your home and assets, and feeling safe enough to be yourself in your community. 

A safe community feels like home. Safety feels like a high level of comfort when walking or biking around your community, the feeling of assurance in the pool, and the ability to be yourself and feel included without fear of exclusion or marginalisation.  

In 2023, 82% of home owners said they were happy* with their personal safety.

*Portion of home owners that gave a 8-10 score out of 10.   

Halcyon Berwick, couple walking with bikes

Environment and Sustainability

When creating our communities, environment and sustainability are key fundamentals in home design, landscaping, and the community’s overall masterplan.  Not only do we consider the aesthetic aspect of our green spaces, provide home designs that are contemporary and environmentally conscious but we are also accountable for the protection and conservation of the native flora and fauna in and around our communities.

In 2023, over 9 in 10 of our home owners were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the ease of walking/cycling around the community.

A light grey scale image of a palm situated within a tropical rainforest.

With over 9 in 10 of our homeowners in 2023 being satisfied or extremely satisfied with the ease of walking/cycling around their communities, it's helped reaffirm our focus on environment and sustainability.  

What to expect next 

The 2024 Stockland Liveability Index Survey has now closed. Thank you so much for your participation! We are looking forward to learning more about what life is like at Halcyon Communities. We are currently working to collate your valuable feedback so that we can share some findings with you later in the year. Keep your eye on your emails as we expect results to be available in a few months time.

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