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Inspired by a better way to live

Our ESG strategy*

Our strategy is focused on the ESG matters where we have an opportunity to lead and to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. 

Underpinning the strategy are four pillars and targets that are grounded in science* and driven by possibilities. 

Our strategy is focused on innovation, scale
and economically sustainable solutions



A practical, 1.5 degree aligned* pathway to net zero emissions

Develop partnerships to accelerate adoption of lower-carbon materials and building methods
Scale our onsite-renewable energy generation
Accelerate our customers' transition to renewable energy


Principles to make resources stay useful, longer

Embed circularity principles throughout our portfolio and operations
Design out waste, reduce use of virgin materials and lower our embodied and operational water and carbon impacts
Explore development alternatives; deconstruction over demolition, disassembly for future generations

Social impact

Enhancing our social impact by design

Support housing affordability and pathways into a diversity of housing formats
Purposeful investment in social impacts scaled through the CARE Foundation
Amplify our First Nations engagement focusing on employment, procurement, and connection to country outcomes


Adapt and regenerate for community resilience

Strengthen climate resilience of portfolio using detailed resilience assessment
Enhance our approach to nature-based risks and opportunities to contribute to a nature-positive future
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Grounded in science, inspired by possibilities*

Net zero targets

  • Net zero scope 1 & 2 in 2025
  • Most material scope 3 emmisions intensity halved by 2030
  • Net zero scope 1,2 & 3 by 2050

Social value target

Over $1 billion of social value creation by 2030


  • Roadmap for achieving our ESG targets and the material assumptions, uncertainties and dependencies associated with those targets, are set out in Stockland's Climate Transition Action Plan (CTAP) 2023 and Stockland's FY23 Annual Report, available on our website.
  • Stockland's emissions reduction targets have been prepared by reference to criteria set out by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). The targets have been reviewed by Ernst & Young (EY), who have has provided limited assurance in relation to their alignment with the published SBTi criteria. Stockland has also submitted its targets to SBTi for validation.
  • We define social value creation as our intentional effort and investment to deliver social, economic and/or environmental benefits for our communities and broader society
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Climate Transition Action Plan 2023

Read more about Stockland’s Climate Transition Action Plan

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Reports & Policies

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