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Build the life you deserve

Stockland. Where liveability is at the heart.

At Stockland, we don’t just talk liveability, we measure it. Each year, we invite our residents to participate in our Liveability Index Survey.

We strive to create warm communities that are a joy for our residents, so we’re always wondering: Can each day be better than the last? That’s why we love listening to and learning from who matters most: You.

We measure what matters

Our Liveability Index is how we measure what matters most to our residents and determine ways to continue improving our communities. Based on belonging, connection, health and fitness, safety, environment and sustainability, it helps us to continue delivering a great quality of life.

In fact, in 2023, our Liveability Survey told us that just under 90%* of people are happy living in their community; with 8 in 10 proud to be part of it. Below are a few highlights across the key pillars we measure.

*89% of residents gave a 6 –10 score when asked to rate their overall satisfaction living in their community.


Belonging is that special connection – being part of something bigger than yourself. It’s knowing your neighbours by name and making new friends at your local park. It’s grabbing a coffee or catching up after a workout. Most of all, it’s coming home to a place that feels just right 

Our communities are made to bring people together. Over 80% of residents agree: A Stockland community is a desirable place to live - for everybody. From Diwali to Lunar New Year to Ramadan and more, our regular and diverse cultural events lie at the heart of our communities. 

Connected and close

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. At Stockland, we don’t want our residents to miss a thing. That’s why everything you need is well within reach. Schools, parks, walking paths, essential shops and services, public transport and more. 

In 2023, just under 9 in 10 residents told us they're happy with the proximity of local parks and the natural environment to their community. We're committed to helping our residents live a more balanced lifestyle, by designing our communities with connectivity in mind.

Health and fitness

We believe health and fitness are crucial to our wellbeing. When you live in a Stockland community, the freedom to live an active lifestyle in a safe environment comes with the territory.

Our neighbourhoods are spacious and walkable, inviting everybody to step outside and stay active as part of their daily routine. Enjoy a brisk walk to the local shops or your favourite café. Ride your bike to work and visit the dogs at the park on your way home. Fresh air and exercise are a priority, and we’ve made sure it’s inherent in everything.

In 2023, 9 in 10 Stockland residents told us they're happy with their health*. Many Stockland communities host regular group fitness activities. Larger communities will often have dedicated sporting facilities on site, such as football ovals, soccer fields or tennis courts.

*Portion of residents that gave a 6 - 10 score.

Safety first

Home should be a place where you feel safe and secure in a welcoming, friendly environment. One that’s inclusive and celebrates diversity. Where school pick-up can be shared, and after school play goes without saying. A place for your family to grow, and where regular social events inspire strong bonds. 

Stockland communities are designed to connect people and maximise safety. In fact, in our latest Liveability Survey, a little under 90% of residents told us they’re happy with their personal safety*.   

*Portion of residents who gave a 6–10 score.

Environment and sustainability 

We believe in a better way to live. So when it comes to creating our communities, environment and sustainability are at the forefront.     

Beautifully landscaped streets and innovative playgrounds are our mission. From expansive parklands, to bush and beach backdrops. Everything is carefully planned. Not only does this emphasis on greenery look and feel great, it also enhances and protects our natural world. By 2030, it’s our great hope that every Stockland community inspires its residents to thrive right alongside the environment it’s helping to regenerate.

In our 2023 survey, 86% of residents told us they're happy with their ability to walk or cycle around their community, and 8 in 10 residents told us they love their local park*.  

*Percentage of Stockland residents that are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the ease of walking/cycling around the community, and the proportion of residents that are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of local parks and natural environment in their community.   

^The Stockland Liveability Index Survey encompasses 23 active communities in Stockland's portfolio. 

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