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The Stockland Halcyon model

Your lifestyle.
Putting you first.

Stockland Halcyon operates a straightforward, land lease ownership model, so you can focus on the lifestyle benefits.

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Purchase your home and sign a lease for the freehold land beneath it.

This site agreement determines the rent, known as site fees, you'll pay to Stockland to lease the land for the life of your ownership. Have financial certainty and legal protection without the complexity of retirement villages.

Frequently asked questions

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With Stockland, you keep your capital gains.

Unlike retirement villages, our no exit fee approach means no deferred management fee or exit fees, so you can look forward to the next chapter.

Frequently asked questions

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Stockland's land lease communities are owner-occupied, with no short- or long-term rentals allowed. You'll have peace of mind in knowing your neighbours.
But that doesn't mean guests, or pets, aren't welcome. So go ahead and invite your friends and family over to see your new home. Just don't forget to pop a chocolate on their pillow.
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If you're eligible for any portion of the Australian Government Age Pension, a weekly rental assistance is available to offset the weekly community site fee.

Eligibility is determined by Centrelink and based on your individual circumstances. Visit the Services Australia website today to see if you're eligible.

Frequently asked questions

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How does community living work?

It is well recognised that pets help to improve the quality of life for many homeowners and as such Stockland Halcyon welcomes pets subject to a few guiding principles. These ensure other home owners are not adversely impacted by their neighbour's pets. There is a pet approval process in place and acceptance of a pet is based on the best interest of the pet and the general community.

Family and friends are welcome at Stockland Halcyon, so you can live your best life but there are certain guidelines regarding the length of stay and use of facilities.

At Stockland Halcyon there is a bus for community use and is available for a homeowner to drive. It is available for use free of charge for trips up to 100km.

All facilities are maintained by staff and all repairs or capital replacement services are paid for without any sinking fund or capital replacement fund.

No, only owner-occupiers are permitted and there are absolutely no rentals.

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