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Dream, Design and Build

Dream it, build it, live it 

First home or next home? Sizing up? Sizing down? Designing a home that suits your every need is an exciting journey. Before you dare to dream from the ground up, it’s important to understand the benefits and the main steps in the process.

Why build new?

No matter how you want to live, choosing to build new gives you the flexibility to design that home you’ve worked so hard for. Because home should be your personal sanctuary. Balance customisability with the convenience and connection of a Stockland lifestyle. 

Getting started

To help get you started on your journey, we’ve rounded up some top tips to consider as you start to explore your lifestyle and community options. From pet acceptance policies to nearby schooling options, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the place for you. 

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Shortlist the communities for you

Building a new home takes more than bricks and mortar. First up, consider the community you want to live in. If you have your own builder in mind, explore available land for sale to suit your budget and needs. If a house and land package is what you’re after, visit a display village, pick a location, decide on a builder and learn to love a good floorplan. Going hands-on is a lot of fun!

Learn about the building process

Whilst the building process can vary from one builder to the next, there are some key stages in the process to step through. From locking in your house and floor plans, to site preparation and laying down the foundation, through to the interior fit-out. Understanding and stepping through the process with your builder will also help you lock in the timeline needed for build completion.

Choose the builder for you

A good builder will guide you through the home-building journey and become your trusted partner. There are some simple checks to do first off, such as ensuring they are registered or licensed with the relevant legal body in your state. Then peruse their customer testimonials and project portfolio, plus check out whether they’ve built any homes in the community in which you're interested.

Design essentials

Before you jump to interiors, the design process starts right from signing off on your house and floor plan! This is the blueprint of your future home. Starting from the exterior, consider your façade and landscaping preferences, then work your way in. Kick off your interior design journey with our Dreamcatcher tool – browse, pin and save your home inspiration all in one place.

Learn the A, B, C of building!

Don’t know your fittings from your fixtures? No worries. With over 70 years in the business, we speak fluent ‘builder’ - and you can too. Let’s get you up to speed on the lingo with this handy list of all those specific terms used in the property industry.

Choose from over 30 communities that are home to happier, healthier living.  

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