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Selling your Stockland Halcyon home

The freedom and choice of the Stockland Halcyon lifestyle extends to when you need, or want, to move on. We get it, life happens and things change.

Whatever the reason, we're here to help you sell your home and begin yet another chapter.

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Buying and selling in a Stockland Halcyon community

Buying & selling in a Stockland Halcyon community?

No, there is no stamp duty payable on the purchase of your home.

Obtaining a housing loan is not common for Land Lease Communities. There are several lenders which have introduced products that may be suitable. If you are interested in pursuing this, you should seek financial advice.

If and when you choose to sell your home you can either use Stockland as your selling agent, or any agent of your choice.  Stockland will charge a commission similar to average real estate agency fees.

When you sell a Stockland Halcyon home all capital gains are yours and there are no exit fees.

Yes, even though Stockland Halcyon offers an experienced sales team and some external agents have experience in this area, you can sell your home directly if you so wish.

All homes are owner occupied and before considering purchasing a home in the name of any other entity other than your own, you should obtain legal advice.

Yes, your home forms part of your estate assets. The beneficiaries of your estate can, if they wish, move into your home (in line with the relevant Site Agreement for the community) or they can sell the home at any time, with all capital gains belonging to your beneficiaries.

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Whatever journey you take, the team at Stockland Halcyon is here to help.

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