At Stockland, we pride ourselves in being a people focused company. We spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that our people have creative and nurturing environments in which to work, where they can thrive and enjoy each other's company. We work hard and we expect a lot from each other.

We are committed to ensuring flexibility is not just supported, but encouraged. We want employees to work in ways that suit their life and the nature of their role, so they feel able to meet their work life commitments and support their wellbeing. We work hard, respect each other and engender a deep sense of community and trust, while expecting a high level of accountability and work ethic.

94% of people are willing to work beyond their jobs to help Stockland succeed.

How do we know? Our annual employee opinion survey, 'Our Voice', measures employee engagement. In 2016 our employee engagement score was 83 per cent. This is above the Global High Performing Companies Norm as measured by Towers Watson.