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Buying a home in an established community

Our completed lifestyle communities offer you the certainty and security of being fully established. The benefits include:

  1. You can see for yourself what community life looks like.
  2. The homes are built and ready for you to move in, so there’s no waiting for construction.
  3. The streets, gardens and leisure facilities are well established.
  4. A wide range of interest groups and activities are up and running, and ready for you to join.

Our experienced sales consultants will guide you through the purchase process. They walk our streets every day and have in-depth knowledge of our lifestyle communities.

Our commitment to resales in our communities acknowledges that life changes. Things happen and some homeowners find they need or want to move on. It may be health, the desire to be closer to family or simply time for a change. Whatever the reason, it creates an opportunity for others to start their new chapter.