It's never too late to get fit

5 min
10 December 2021

Stockland has teamed up with over 50s fitness experts, AgeilityFit to offer homeowners a new health and wellbeing program.

David Lawson and his wife Justine are the co-owners of AgeilityFit, which specialises in tailoring fitness programs for over 50s to boost their health and wellbeing.

“AgeilityFit is primarily set up to help older adults get active and keep active,” David explained.

“We’re here for people who may be hesitant with exercise because of any issues they’ve got or past experiences with gyms, classes or trainers.”

“We try to make it more of an enjoyable experience so that they’re having fun while they’re getting exercise and benefiting from what we’re trying to achieve.”

Both Certificate IV-qualified personal trainers, David and Justine will run programs for all ages and abilities at Gold Coast Stockland Halcyon Communities’ with dynamic exercise options to help homeowners improve their quality of life into retirement.

All homeowners, regardless of their fitness and skill levels, can benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle.

“There are those who are fit and active and want to stay that way,” David said.

“For people who may not be active at the moment, we want to show them how they can move better and feel better.”

“Their day-to-day activities can be easier for them and that’s the approach we look at for all our classes; to make things a bit better for everybody. Those niggles and pains might be lessened, and they’ll be able to move a little easier during the day, not get so puffed and tired.”

“Stocklands’ Halcyon communities all offer a different range of classes, with no two communities delivering the same schedule.  It’s all about the home owners and what they are looking for.”

Stockland’s partnership with AgeilityFit reinforces its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its homeowners.

“I think it’s great what homeowners are offered,” David said.

“They don’t just see it as: ‘we built the gym and provided the facilities, now go do whatever you want to do’ and leave them to their own devices.”

“They are very committed to making sure people do keep active, providing a range of activities to cater for those who are extremely active already and those who may have issues at the moment.”

“They really do look at their whole homeowner population and see how they can benefit them and make that lifestyle the best possible for them.”



Aqua is a low impact exercise class that provides less strain on your muscles and joints.  Aqua provides a push-pull method of resistance as well as a great cardiovascular conditioning, increasing your pulse and your breathing rate.


A gym based class with a mixture of body weight, cardio, weights, flexibility and core work designed to increase heart rate, mobility and your level of fitness.


A body weight class to get the body moving and to strengthen the core. A great way to increase balance as well as get some stretching for the body.


Chair-based class using resistance bands and light weights. Incorporating movements to gain strength, mobility and balance. Ideal for beginners or anyone with joint or mobility issues.


Low impact, gentle light-weight exercise class with less impact on the body. No jumping, fast or jolting movements. Ideal for beginners or anyone with mobility issues.


A fitness-party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms that provides a fun and effective workout. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, just move to the beats and join in the fun.


Feeling tight in your muscles or maybe just not as flexible as you once were? Let this class be your path to a more mobile you. Standing and seated options are provided to cater for as many people as possible.


Taking your workouts outside to use the great spaces of your community. A mixture of body weight, light resistance, cardio and other activities to get everyone moving and feeling alive.