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Avo Go, Vision by Halcyon's farmer turned fitness fanatic is a class act.

Get Active
September 07, 2020

Vision by Halcyon's farmer turned fitness fanatic is a class act.

The threat of knee replacement surgery was the catalyst for John Ware to take the plunge and attend his first fitness class.

His arthritic, swollen right knee inspired the former avocado farmer and university professor to hit the gym with the aim to strengthen the muscle around his knee joint and drop some extra weight.

“I have lost around seven kilograms; the swelling has reduced, and the pain has totally gone because of the muscle strength I have built around my right knee,” the Vision by Halcyon homeowner said.

“I have been exercising religiously for six hours a week for four years when I am not travelling or away on holidays.”

John attends seven exercise classes per week including circuits, mat stretching and aqua aerobics as well as the Revive class; a specialist session aimed at building strength and flexibility using chairs.

Such is his dedication, he and wife Laila, who attends outdoor tai chi and yoga classes, arrange their weekly life and appointments around their exercise regime.

The former university professor had led a physically active lifestyle on their Tamborine Mountain avocado farm for 42 years, where he would climb eight metres to pick fruit, however any dedicated exercise was confined to swimming in the pool on their property.

John had never tried any fitness classes before retiring and moving to Vision by Halcyon in March 2016, and now counts circuits and aqua aerobics as his favourite sessions.

“Circuits and aqua aerobics are both great physically but also for the socialisation aspect,” John said.

John credits Vision by Halcyon’s high-quality facilities and well-trained fitness instructors for assisting in his fitness journey and incorporating special exercises for homeowners with specific issues within the classes.

“My top tip for anyone with joint issues is you might be able to improve the longevity of your joints, reducing discomfort and pain by building the appropriate exercises,” John said.

The former social sciences professor also points to the physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise on individual wellbeing. “I think staying fit is essential both physically and for socialisation,” he added.

“At Vision by Halcyon, the socialisation has been much better than we expected. We have found a real support system and a camaraderie that I really appreciate.”