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Community and connection

April 06, 2022

Yvonne and I were born 9,000 kilometres apart on different continents (Europe for me and South America for Yvonne).

We meet on another continent (North America), before emigrating to a fourth (Australia).

Since then, we’ve called Thailand and Papua New Guinea home. When we finally settled back into Australia in inner-city Brisbane, our friends were spread far and wide, except one couple we knew from Miami, Florida who lived locally.

Modern cities, even nice ones, aren’t easy places to make friends, especially if you don’t work. We needed a community that would actually welcome us.

Well, a couple of visits to Halcyon Waters was all it took.

We made our first friend before moving in, when neighbour Karin asked, “Are you trying to break in or out?”

“Out,” I replied, “I can’t work out how to lock the door!”

The rest is history. We feel like a real part of the community, with a circle of friends and as much or as little involvement in activities as we choose.

Chris and Yvonne Henry

Halcyon Waters