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Doctor in the house

June 09, 2021

Being a GP for more than 50 years, Dr Robyn Mawer said work has always consumed her life. 

“I’m like a lot of other doctors, we work hard. I haven’t had a holiday for three years,’’ she said.

She recently swapped a sixday-a-week job at a clinic in Hamilton, Brisbane, for a two-to-three day a week job at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield.

In another major life change, Robyn has traded her two-bedroom Hamilton unit for a new life at Halcyon Glades, which is ideally positioned between Brisbane and the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

“My daughter wanted me to move to Halcyon,’’ she said.

“When I got the job at the Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, Halcyon Glades just made perfect sense.

“My daughter is close by in Fitzgibbon, I’ve got a good friend Jocelyn who lives in Caloundra, and I’m looking forward to signing up for the organised activities at Halcyon Glades.”

“I think I’ll adapt well to community living.’’

Robyn says she has already been allocated a “buddy” to help navigate her way into the Halcyon life.

“My husband died six years ago. There was very little neighbour interaction where I was living in the unit in Hamilton,’’ she said.

“It’s very hard to come home to an empty unit.

“I’m looking forward to having like-minded people around me and taking part in the organised activities.”

Robyn said now that she is only working a few days each week, she will use her time to take art classes, forage around the library for a good read, and do some planting in the garden.

“My mother was a very keen gardener. I never had the time, but I hope I find out that I have her green thumb,” she said.

“I’m usually just finishing a book or just starting a new one. I enjoy crime writing and English-Canadian writer Peter Robinson is one of my favourite authors.’’

Robyn said her new Halcyon Glades home offers her the space she needs to be independent, but at the same time it will allow her to embrace a new community.