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Dogs delighted by newest facility at Halcyon Promenade.

October 21, 2022

On Tuesday 3 October, a significant event unfolded for the canine residents of Halcyon Promenade. About half of the current homeowners are proud dog owners, and nearly all of them came together to celebrate the grand opening of the community’s dog park.

The event offered a delightful spread of donuts, cookies, yoghurts, and party bags, exclusively for our four-legged attendees. The newly installed water fountain, designed for both dogs and their human companions, was in high demand.  

Throughout the afternoon dogs of all ages and breeds chased each other, fetched balls, begged for treats, and sought pats from many willing hands.

Halcyon Promenade Community Manager, Jo-Anne Mbouche described the social benefits of community living also extend to our homeowners’ furry friends.  

"Dogs not only offer companionship and connection for their owners but also facilitate connections among the people within our community," said Jo-Anne.

Jo-Anne's familiarity with each dog by name reflects her deep affection for every canine resident.

“We’ve got Peppie, Gemma, Lola, Buddy, Archie, Ruby and Molly,” said Jo-Anne.

Cheekiness was rife around the snack table with a few noses in treat bowls and territory marking on the tablecloth. Despite this harmless fun, the dogs exhibited exemplary behaviour throughout the day, defying expectations.

"They were all so well-behaved! One might have expected personality clashes, but they all got along remarkably well,” said Jo-Anne.

“I’m sure none of the dogs needed dinner after feeding them all the snacks to get them to pose for photos,” laughed Jo-Anne.

Even homeowners without dogs attended the event, relishing the camaraderie with their fellow homeowners.

There’s no doubt the Halcyon Promenade dog park is poised to become a vibrant hub for social gatherings, fun, and potential future events.