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Greens' homeowners hit the jack at twilight

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November 21, 2020

Beginner bowlers find fun and friendship

An enthusiastic group of experienced and new lawn bowlers are enjoying the warmer weather as Saturday evening twilight bowls under the floodlights at Halcyon Greens becomes a popular attraction.

Club president Norm Hockey said it was an entirely different atmosphere playing in the evening.

“First and foremost, you’re out of the heat,” Norm said.

“And it’s very sociable, we have a BBQ and drinks afterwards.

“It’s much more sociable than playing in the morning because by the time you finish, it’s hot and it’s too early for the bar so you have a cup of tea and go home.”

Norm said the club had grown rapidly from inception to more than 110 members in just a few months.

“We’ve been running competitions and we organise excursions to different clubs,” he said. “It’s proved quite popular and I think our numbers will grow even more.”