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Halcyon brings certainty and simplicity to cost of living

How To
April 05, 2018

Moving into a Halcyon community opens the door to a bigger lifestyle while allowing you to downsize and simplify all those costs of living.

Many people who buy at Halcyon do so because they are sick and tired of the never-ending expense, worry and hard yakka of maintaining a big family home.

Choosing life at Halcyon simplifies things so you can enjoy more freedom and afford a better quality of life.

First, it allows you to unlock all that hard-earned equity in the family home, freeing up money for holidays, ‘toys’ like boats and caravans, or simply the security of having cash in the bank when you need it.

Second, Halcyon’s simple and transparent financial model provides greater certainty around your living expenses.

We do this with a weekly site fee that includes the rent for the land your home sits on, council rates, water rates and the costs of maintaining the community and all its facilities.

That takes in streetscape mowing, upkeep of community roads and gardens, and upkeep of the Rec Club, pool, spa, entry security and all other facilities.

So, if the community’s pool needs a new pump or the Rec Club needs a window replaced, Halcyon pays for it. There is no body corporate and no sinking fund; it’s all covered in the weekly site fee.

The only other expenses you need to think about are electricity, phone/internet and home insurance, everything else is taken care of.

Another great aspect is that you don’t have to do any of that maintenance yourself, it’s taken care of by the community’s onsite caretaker.

Third, Halcyon homes are designed and built to be extremely energy efficient, reducing the amount of power you use and significantly reducing your power costs.

There’s even the opportunity to wipe out electricity bills entirely through solar panels (which come as standard in our newer communities) and taking the option of a TESLA home battery.

The fourth Halcyon certainty is that if you decide to leave all capital gains from the sale of your house are yours, and there are no exit fees or any capital gains tax to pay.

The profit is all yours and this sets you up comfortably for the next chapter of life, whatever that may be.

At Halcyon, the bottom line is that you know exactly where you stand financially. There are no hidden fees or costs, just freedom, peace of mind and time to enjoy your Halcyon Days.