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Halcyon lights up fitness and fun

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February 22, 2019

Homeowners at Halcyon Greens and Glades are soaking up the nightlife that’s made possible by the floodlit courts and bowling greens in their communities.

Opened just in time for summer, the illuminated recreational facilities enable homeowners to enjoy extended games of pickleball, tennis and lawn bowls into the cool of the evening. Halcyon Glades installed lighting to its pickleball court, tennis court and bowling green in September as part of an extension and upgrade of its leisure facilities. 

Halcyon Greens’ playing surfaces were unveiled with lighting in place as the first stage of the community’s spectacular $20 million recreational precinct. The initial stage of the precinct includes Australia’s largest pickleball facility, with eight courts, a tennis court and championship-size bowling green.

 Homeowners in both communities love having the opportunity to play from dawn until well after dusk. Halcyon Greens homeowner John Simmons works full-time and has no plans to retire anytime soon so he’s embracing the opportunity to hit the courts after work.

John catches up with Halcyon Greens community staff Scott Ng, Andrew McGlone, Kris Hailey, and Brandon Duncan to play singles and doubles pickleball each Wednesday evening. “It gets really competitive with the guys, and I really enjoy it,” he said.

“I had no idea that there would be so much cardio involved, especially a small court and four guys playing doubles. “Playing in the late afternoon is way cooler, but in winter when it’s getting dark at 5 pm it gives you those extra hours if you want to go out there and you don’t have daylight.
“Having the lights available for you to stay later and enjoy is great, and there is nothing like playing under the stars.

“Eventually, I hope to play other nights as well.” John and wife Dani moved from Brisbane to Halcyon Greens in October after securing their preferred home site, right next to the emerging recreational precinct.

Dani said they often saw homeowners hitting the courts for a game of pickleball or tennis. “We do see quite a few people head up there on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon and they are out there for a while,” she said.

“It’s great having that opportunity to stay out on the court a bit later when the sun goes down.”
Halcyon Glades homeowners Brench and Dawn Wright are delighted to be able to play their beloved game day and night.

They play four times a week, including Wednesday evenings, with around a dozen other homeowners. “It’s been very nice in this hot weather to go out and play in the evening when it’s a lot cooler,” Brench said.

The Wrights, who played tennis when they lived at Halcyon Waters four years ago, are now devoted converts to pickleball and its ability to deliver fun-filled fitness. “It’s such a fun game,” Dawn said. “We actually have a better work out playing pickleball than we did playing tennis.

“It’s quite amazing because there’s not as much court area to run around so it can’t be that, I think it’s just the fact that it’s faster. “Now that the weather’s warmed up it’s really nice at night and there are a lot more people playing in the evening.”