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Halcyon referral scheme gives $100,000 to charities

Giving Back
February 19, 2019

At Halcyon, we believe that word of mouth is the best publicity of all. That’s because the people who live at Halcyon are the real experts about what we do, and the best ambassadors for our seven lifestyle communities.

We value their word of mouth recommendations so highly that six years ago we began a program rewarding homeowners who successfully refer family or friends to Halcyon. Under the initiative, homeowners receive $1,500 as well as an additional $500 to donate to the charity of their choice, if their referred family member or friend buys a home in a Halcyon community.

To date, the program has generated hundreds of donations, with these funds flowing to more than 250 local and national charities. In 2018 alone, our homeowner referrals generated $100,000 for charitable causes, with the leading beneficiaries including the Cancer Council of Australia, Leukaemia Foundation, RSPCA and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

These terrific figures reflect the fact that more than 40 per cent of Halcyon’s sales are made as a result of our homeowners introducing their family and friends to the Halcyon lifestyle. Demonstrating the power of a personal recommendation are Greg and Rhonda Shephard, who moved from Pelican Waters to Halcyon Lakeside early last year.

Their decision inspired their sceptical in-laws, Warren and Marianne Hay – who moved from Cooroy, to take a look at Halcyon Lakeside. Something they probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. “They thought we were extremely silly moving out here but they wanted to come out and see where we were,” Greg said.

“We had only been at Lakeside for a few weeks and showed them around. They asked us how we liked it and I said ‘We’re loving it. So far, so good’. “They were so impressed and they couldn’t believe what they saw.  They didn’t think they would ever move to a place like this.

“They came out here on the Saturday, saw a sales consultant on the Tuesday, put their house on the market on the Friday and sold it the following Saturday.” Nearly a year later, Warren and Marianne have well and truly settled into their new home, just four doors up from the Shephard’s’ house.

Greg said the situation was particularly good for their son and daughter in laws two children, who now have both sets of grandparents living at Halcyon Lakeside. “The grandkids are going to love it – we live just 60 metres apart,” he said.

Greg said referral was a powerful tool because most people trust the opinions and recommendations of family and friends above anything else. “It’s a great system because you can’t beat what existing owners have to say about Halcyon,” he said.

“But you’ve got to be honest, regardless of what incentives are offered. “I’m now trying to convince another mate of mine to move here.” The Shephards said they would split their charity donation between the Cancer Council of Australia and the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Halcyon joint managing director Bevan Geissmann said homeowners play an important part in bringing new people into Halcyon’s communities. “We appreciate the role that homeowners have in helping others make the life-changing move into a Halcyon community,” Dr Geissmann said.

“The referral program is our way of saying thank you to them as well as giving back to the wider community. “Homeowners who do refer their friends can rest assured that Halcyon will always do its best to help them settle into their new community as smoothly as possible.”