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How to style the perfect guest bedroom

March 11, 2020
Creating a home away from home is easier than you think

It’s time to pack away the clean washing, clear out the fishing rods and turn your spare bedroom into a calming oasis for your next guest.
According to stylist Laure Bebbington from Coco Republic, the best bedrooms always feel like home.

“No matter where you are in the world, a well-styled bedroom can always bring a good night’s sleep and sense of home,” Laure said.

“The guest bedroom is one of my favourite rooms to style as you can have fun with your bedding, artwork and furniture.”

The key? Take more risks than you would your bedroom!

Laure's tips for styling your guest bedroom

1.Determine the general layout and how much space you have

Consider your ideal layout based on the space available. I always recommend putting the bed up against a wall rather than a window. If space permits, two bedside tables are also nice for proportion. If you can only fit one, ensure the bed is put off the wall slightly.

2. Furniture
Choose your furniture to scale. If you have a smaller bedroom, downsize the bed to a double or queen size. It’s better to not overcrowd the room. If you have
more space to play with, add an occasional chair to the corner with a small ottoman at the end of the bed.

3.Choose inviting colours and tones
Whether you choose a bed head, wallpaper or feature paint, it’s important to consider what’s happening behind the bed. This is a major focal point and a great way to incorporate colour. I regularly specify a ‘grass cloth’ wallpaper due to its lovely textural quality.

4.Mix up the bed linen
When it comes to bed linen, mix it up! Using different colours and textures is important. This could be through subtle ruffles or piping. If in doubt, white linen is classic and fresh.

5.Scatter decorative pillows
Start off with four standard pillows and add two decorative cushions. I stick to larger decorative cushions and typically don’t go any larger than 50cm as they look out of place. I like to fluff and ‘karate chop’ the cushion as it makes for a more ‘lived in’ look.

6.The final styling touches
On a bedside table, I like to incorporate a candle, cosy book, picture frame and a little bunch of florals. Mirrors in a bedroom are a great way to make a room appear bigger. Don’t forget to add scent! I especially love lavender, sandalwood and vetiver.