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Judith and Stan land an unforgettable anniversary

September 17, 2019

There’s never been a 60th wedding anniversary celebration quite like this one. The guests waded through water to reach the venue, the boat didn’t leave the wharf and the bride renewed her wedding vows in bare feet.

“It was better than our wedding day,” laughed Halcyon Landing home owner Judith Smith.

It was meant to be a scenic cruise and anniversary lunch with their dearest friends on the Maroochy River. But it turned out to be something rather different, but also quite wonderful for Judith and her husband Stan, who moved to Landing in 2012.

Judith said a flooding king tide on the big day made reaching the boat a little tricky for the party of 25 people. “We got down to the river and we couldn’t get straight onto the boat because the water was up over the wharf and had crossed half the road,” she said.

“We had to stop the traffic to get everyone across the road including a fellow in his wheelchair.
“The men had to roll their trousers up and take off their shoes and socks, ladies had their shoes and handbags in their hands.

“One lady wouldn’t take her stockings off so the captain lent her his gumboots so she could walk through the water to the boat.” The Smiths’ anniversary celebrations continued to go off course with the captain declaring the river’s fast-running current too dangerous for cruising, so the boat had to stay put.

It didn’t bother the happy couple who surprised their dedicated guests by announcing they were renewing the wedding vows they made all those years ago. They were helped by fellow home owners John Quaill, who acted as MC, Janet Quaill who took the photos, and marriage celebrant Denise Wilkowski who presided over the vows.

“I didn’t even realise until I saw the photos that I was standing there with no shoes on,” Judith laughed. “My shoes didn’t go back on until we were getting off the boat. “By then the tide had dropped and we could see the wharf.”

Judith said the day’s glitches had made their celebration a hilarious and unforgettable experience for all. “It turned out to be a lovely day even though we didn’t leave the wharf,” she said. “We were all laughing and giggling; it just made the day, and everybody said they’ll never forget it.”