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Life is better with pets

April 09, 2021

“Animals are such agreeable friends they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” – George Eliot

It’s been well documented that pets improve our lives – both physically and socially – by making us more active, lowering our stress levels and keeping and connected with our community and at Halcyon this is especially true.

Across our communities we have 304 dogs and 79 cats.

Trish Burger and her Maltese Shih Tzu cross Pixie, who turned two at the end of last month, have made a lovely life at Halcyon Greens since moving into the community last June.

The pair go for a morning and afternoon walk each day, ensuring they have doggy bags to collect any 'gifts' Pixie may leave.

“We often stop and talk with other people which is always lovely,” she said.

“I’m very conscious about cleaning up after Pixie if need be as well.”

Trish said Pixie has a lovely nature and is very social, especially at Happy Hour.

“She loves our street and seems to know what time it is," Trish said. "If they are having drinks across the street she loves to come over and sit on the lawn and join in."

Trish said she was looking forward to the private off-leash dog park opening at Greens and plans to take Pixie.

“It's definitely a step-up from your usual dog park,” she laughed.

Trish, who moved from Redland Bay, has wasted no time in getting involved in community activities and has joined the Home Owner's Committee (HOC) as well as helping out with the social committee and bar duties.

“I’m really enjoying my life here,” she said. “Everyone is very nice and friendly and everyone respects your privacy.”

“We have a great street here and we’re all getting along well.”