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Life’s purrfect when you have companion cats in your fur-ever home.

April 13, 2021

When B by Halcyon homeowners Sue and Gary Hadenham moved to the Buderim lifestyle community in September 2020, Monti and Jesse relocated to the new house, too.

Just like their owners, the 10-year-old male Birman cats have settled in nicely, establishing a daily routine and getting out and about in the community.

While Monti and Jesse are both indoor cats, they have distinct personalities and different ideas about what constitutes a good time.

“Jesse is a big cat – he doesn’t do much but he likes to hang out on the rug and has a lovely nature,” Sue explained. “Monti is more adventurous. As soon as he sees his lead, he’s at the front door ready for a walk, while Jesse takes off in the other direction.”

The fluffy felines can be spotted going for a walk on their leads when Gary takes them out at 5:30am daily. While early risers might do a double-take to see two cats on leads, Sue said Jesse and Monti similarly enjoy people-watching.

“They sit on the path and watch people through the fence. In the front bedroom, we have a scratching post with a shelf and when we leave the shutters and window open, Monti will sit there all day and watch people go by,” Sue said.

The active couple – Sue and Gary are keen golfers – love the companionship and warmth of their long-haired cats, despite their abundant fluff.

“While they drive me crazy at times and shed hair everywhere, I’ve almost always had cats and I can’t imagine my life without them,” Sue said.

“Pets are important for companionship, especially as you get older. We’re still pretty busy and active in our lives, but I love the feeling of coming home and having their presence around.”