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Life's what you make it at Halcyon

August 17, 2018

For recently departed Vision by Halcyon home owners, Lyn and Ian McEldowney, what you get out of living at Halcyon is entirely up to you.

The couple has returned to their homeland of New Zealand, bringing the curtain down on more than 11 years within the Halcyon fold.

Lyn and Ian became skilled at establishing themselves in Halcyon after being among the first home owners at Halcyon Waters in 2007 and again at Vision by Halcyon in 2014.

Active by nature, Ian was one of the initiators of Halcyon Waters’ walking group, The Striders, and a founding member of the cycling group.

He was involved in the gardening group and found time for gym sessions, tennis and indoor bowls.

“We didn’t have neighbours for a long time,” Ian said.

“Early on, we’d go to the social outings that Halcyon put on and we had a small group that once a week made a meal and had a movie night in the Leisure Centre.

“It was an informal arrangement with the early residents, so we’d all get to know each other and form relationships.”

As a dedicated ballroom dancer, Lyn continued to focus on that pursuit outside of Halcyon Waters, but she was the catalyst for bringing a ballroom dancing teacher in to give lessons in the Leisure Club.

“It is good to keep a balance so that you also have outside interests, activities and friends,” she said.

“But we did make some close friends at Halcyon and we had great neighbours.

“When you’re not in a community like this and you’re just in a home in the suburbs, you don’t have the same rapport with your neighbours.”

Inspired and satisfied by their Halcyon Days, Lyn and Ian are moving into a similar community in New Zealand.

And given their experience in two Halcyon communities, what’s their advice to new home owners?

“You’ve got to join things, the opportunities are there,” Lyn said.

“It’s very much up to the individual on how they want to live their lifestyle,” Ian said.

“You can volunteer, you can involve yourself in the activities that you enjoy, or if you don’t, you can just lead a private life.

“It doesn’t work for everybody and it comes back to people keeping an open mind.

“Halcyon provides a good lifestyle if you’re prepared to accept that it is a community and you’re not just living in your own little bubble.

“You’ve got to give and take, and that’s not for everybody and that’s just natural.”

It was the right decision for the McEldowneys who enjoyed the like-mindedness and cohesion of Halcyon.

“One of the strengths is that you’re moving into a community with people who have shared experiences through their work, their life and what they’ve done,” Ian said.

“You have similar demographics in terms of life experience and you’re on a similar wavelength.

“You don’t have skateboarders rushing around on the street all day or cars hooning.

“You’ve got a community that can provide a good lifestyle if you want to accept the give and take.

“And you meet nice people.”