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Loving life in a connected community

July 20, 2022

Having come from a property in rural Queensland, Robert and Lesley Thompson are thoroughly enjoying life at Halcyon Nirimba, located within Stockland’s masterplanned Aura community.

“We are very grateful every single day we live here and it has far exceeded our expectations, even though they were high,” Lesley said.

“That’s our philosophy though, there’s so much here to enjoy.”

The couple decided to make the move from their acreage property in Kilkivan, near Gympie and  were drawn to Stockland as Robert once worked for the company.

“We loved living at Kilkivan,” Lesley said. “But we knew we would have to make the move as there were no medical facilities nearby and as you get older that is a consideration.

Robert added: “And when we saw it was Stockland building the community, we knew it would be good.”

“We said, ‘this for us and if we’re ever going to do it, now is the time.’”

The couple recently celebrated their first year anniversary at Halcyon Nirimba, which enjoys access to more than 200km of walking and cycling paths connecting homeowners to a network of shops and facilities.

“It’s been a wonderful year and community living is great because you have the option of joining in with activities or other events and groups,” Lesley said.

Robert added: “It’s nice to have people around you as you can be with them when you choose and we all have fun, but then you can have peace and quiet when you want it as well.”

The couple have two sons in Brisbane and a daughter and granddaughter living nearby on the Sunshine Coast.

“All the kids are onboard with our decision and it’s great as we see them quite regularly,” Lesley said.

Their children will not be the only family nearby as Lesley’s sister and her husband are also moving to the community.

“They will be in a different street to us, but we get along really well and love spending time with them,” Lesley said. “Some people even think we’re twins.”

Robert added: “It will be great in future years to have that family support and care for each other so close.”