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Making a splash

September 07, 2021

Words by Kim Saker, fitness trainer at B by Halcyon

Aqua aerobics is not only a fabulous fitness class, it’s a lot of fun as well. It offers all the benefits of an exercise workout without the weight-bearing impact on the spine, hips, knees and ankles.

It is suitable for people of all abilities. At B by Halcyon, my water-based classes are attended by everyone from super-fit homeowners to those who cannot swim, plus people with injuries.

As aqua aerobics classes take place in a heated pool, there is zero impact on joints as you are weightless in the water and the exercises are great for rehab, pre-surgery and flexibility. The aim is to make everyone feel comfortable with tailored exercises and options.

I teach aqua aerobics classes twice a week at B by Halcyon and each 50-minute class includes a warmup, cardio, strength training with dumbbells, abdominal core work and a cool down. My Halcyon clients love a good, hard workout; I always have requests for great tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s – and to turn the music up louder!

I love my clients at B by Halcyon – they bring so much enthusiasm to each session and have a great zest for life. They are such a fabulous group and create a fantastic and fun atmosphere, I think I enjoy the classes even more than they do!

Kim’s top 3 benefits of aqua aerobics

  1. Increasing bone density.
  2. Increasing fitness.
  3. Light impact on joints.