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Mother and daughter find their forever home

April 14, 2023

The Sunshine Coast grandmother is living at Stockland’s Halcyon Nirimba, with her adult daughter Celeste, who is
also her full-time carer.

Even though Bisti has only moved 10 minutes up the road from the Little Mountain home she lived in for 22 years, the positive change to her mental health has been tremendous.

It’s only been a couple of months since the mother and daughter unpacked and put together their new furniture, but Bisti says she already loves everything about community living.

In recent years she’s had a few falls and operations and was recovering in a wheelchair for three months; and ultimately maintaining the empty-nested home she’d raised her children in just became too much.

Celeste decided to leave her Brisbane life so she could move back home to the Sunshine Coast and help her mum with daily living.

They picked the Portsea design and live in the spacious open plan home with a walk-in pantry, media room, and
office, with Bisti’s Cavoodle Teddy and Suki the cat.

“When I was still in the Little Mountain home, I was feeling lonely and depressed and I couldn’t motivate myself to get out and meet people,” Bisti says.

“Because I was used to being on my own, I didn’t know how I would go with lots of people around me but that’s what I wanted all the time. I wanted company and I wanted friendship and humour.”

“We laughed so much at the last Nirimba happy hour that our cheeks were hurting!

“I thought it was going to take some getting used to, but it’s just been so smooth and easy.”

Recently the pair met another 60 homeowners in their community at a casual street party.

“They are the friendliest people," Bisti says, “we all seem to have the same mindset! We are calling this our forever home because it feels like paradise.”

The mother and daughter live in Clover Circuit, just a few steps away from the Clubhouse, the heated lap pool, and the gym, and because it’s so close, Celeste says they both exercise every day.

“We put on our joggers and we are at the gym in less than a minute,” Celeste says, “we love swimming in the heated pool after dinner. It’s fabulous because it’s not too deep so Mum can easily reach the floor and get to the side of the
pool if she needs a rest.”

Another big plus for the pair is that living in a gated community makes them feel safe.

“We feel like we could probably leave the front door open in this community,” Celeste says.

“This works so well for both of us.”

Bisti says it is a godsend that her daughter chose to move in with her to be her carer.

“There’s such lovely serenity here,” Bisti says.

“Moving here was the best decision I’ve ever made.”