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Music at the heart and soul - mastering the art of living

March 18, 2020

I was 54 when our youngest child moved out. According to my wife Julie, that’s when the next bunch of ‘children’ moved in.

It wasn’t exactly freedom I found after our four kids left home, but I certainly had more time on my hands.

That’s when I fell back in love with music. I’ve been listening to music my whole life and played drums in my early years.

My passion for music had been reinvigorated and one day I thought, I’m going to give the guitar another go. If not now, when?

It’s quite funny because all my knowledge of music from the past 50 years came rushing through my head and I taught myself to play again.

I’ve gained an appreciation for different types of guitars and sounds and now have a collection of 10 guitars, including a ukulele and a keyboard.

It’s safe to say our spare room is now my music room. I’ve got quite the collection!
For me, ‘mastering the art of living’ means keeping a keen interest in what you love, and devoting attention and time to it.

I believe you should have someone to love, somewhere to live and something to look forward to. It’s always been our life motto.

We’ve now called Halcyon Greens home for a year and in that time, we’ve made great friends and I’ve joined the Halcyon Greens Music Group.

There’s 12 of us who rehearse every week. It’s always a great catch-up and we all love to play, sing and learn different songs. It keeps the mind young.

We’re not ready to go on the road just yet. But, watch this space!

Robert Millar, Halcyon Greens