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Our heart is in Logan

November 01, 2021

After living in Logan for more than three decades, Brian and Shelley Casserly had thought about leaving the area for their new chapter but found it difficult to find something which suited their needs.

“We had thought about moving, but that’s not where our heart is. Our heart is in Logan,” Brian said.

“We like the bushland and the outlooks, the river, the mountains in the west and the parks, they’re just everywhere and we love that.”

The couple are still working and wanted to find a place where they could transition into retirement, surrounded by a connected community with plenty of facilities and activities on offer.

Their search led them to Stockland’s Halcyon Rise, a luxury over 50s lifestyle community located in the rural setting of Logan Reserve, and their new home will be ready in June.

Shelley said: “Moving here to Halcyon Rise means that when I am ready to give up work, it will be easier for me to make that transition because I’ll have a lot of connections, a myriad of things to do that I can join – or not join.”

Halcyon Project Director Glenn Nugent said a great deal of local working people are making the move into Halcyon Rise, rather than wait until they retire to downsize.

“Lots of working people are making the move to Halcyon Rise, purely on the fact they want a different lifestyle and they want to change the way they do things.

“Right now they are tied to the house in maintenance, they’re mowing the lawns, cleaning the pools or doing something within the house.

“Here at Halcyon Rise, we do that for you.”

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Shelley and Brian Casserly from Halcyon Rise
Shelley and Brian Casserly

Halcyon Project Director Glenn Nugent said the community had blossomed since the first sod was turned around 12 months ago.

“There’s lots happening at Halcyon Rise,” he said. “Twelve months ago we had no roads, no landscaping, no buildings and now we have a beautiful community really starting to take shape.

“We have homes, roads, landscaping and construction on our 5-star recreation and leisure facilities have started.”

Glenn said demand had pushed the release of next stage forward, with new buyers being able to time their move into the community when the facilities have been constructed.

“We have over 35 homes settled with another 60 under construction and we’ve got more than 100 homes sold at present,” he said.

“Our next release, called the ‘Lifestyle Release’ will be ready for homeowners to move into with the completion of the 5-star recreation and leisure precinct.”

For the Casserly’s, their journey to find their new chapter ended up being an easy choice.

“For us it was a no-brainer because it offers us absolutely everything we could want for the next part of our life,” Shelley said.

To book in for our next Discovery Tour click here or please call 1 800 050 580 to book an appointment.