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Our Promise, Your Guarantee

February 28, 2019

Here at Halcyon, your new home is designed for living and built for life, a promise that is underpinned by Halcyon’s Triple Guarantee. For us, it’s not just about building a house, it’s creating a home that meets all your needs, keeps you comfortable, and suits your lifestyle long into the future.

Halcyon’s Triple Guarantee - superior energy rating, Livable Housing Design and patented relocatability - is what makes our homes different from others in the marketplace.

These elements reduce the cost of living, ensure each new home is future-proofed to adapt to our home owners’ changing needs, and deliver legislative compliance and legal certainty. 

After all, Halcyon doesn’t leave once the home is built; we stay with you as the owners and managers of our lifestyle communities, so it’s important that we get it right.

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Firstly, let’s look at Halcyon’s superior energy-rated homes, which lower the costs of living and create homes that are more comfortable to live in.

To earn this rating, our new homes employ passive solar design, three levels of insulation and use environmentally sensitive materials like steel and Hebel during construction.  This approach creates homes that are cooler in summer, warmer in winter and cheaper to run. 

All new homes also have solar panels as a standard feature, harnessing the power of the sun to further drive down your energy costs. 

Secondly, Halcyon’s adoption of Livable Housing Design (LHD) means our new homes are future-proofed with design features that anticipate changes in the mobility of our home owners as they grow older. 

These features support the principle of ageing in place and create homes that are easily accessible and adaptable. 

They allow our home owners to stay in their own homes for longer, in safety and in comfort.

Halcyon’s new homes embrace LHD’s Silver Level design as standard, which means they have a no-step entry, wider hallways and doors, hobless shower recess, and bathroom walls with noggings as provision for grab rails. 

Applying these subtle design features during the construction process saves the cost and hassle of retrofitting them down the track and provides the peace of mind.

And finally, each of our new homes reflects Halcyon’s patented relocatable design (Patent Number 2009243510), which has revolutionised the manufactured home industry in Australia.


Our patented method of design and construction means our homes are fixed directly to a slab with no false floors, while complying fully with Queensland’s Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act. 

The result provides peace of mind that Halcyon has strictly adhered to the governing regulation, thus providing a home owner with guaranteed compliance. 

As you can see, Halcyon’s Triple Guarantee is our promise to deliver comfort, confidence, peace of mind and legislative certainty to every home owner.