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Rec Club the epicentre of friendship, fun and fitness

February 01, 2018

Halcyon Lakeside home owners are plunging into the huge array of activities, facilities and events now at their doorstep in the community’s spectacular new Recreational Club.

From aqua aerobics, Zumba and pickleball to home brewing, snooker challenges and Happy Hour at the Sunset Bar, the Rec Club is a five-star hub of fun, friendship, fitness and relaxation.

Community manager Donna Osborne said the Rec Club’s packed timetable of activities, diverse interest groups and regular social events were allowing home owners to make the most of their Halcyon Days.

“It has become the heart of the community,” she said.

“Our homeowners are getting active and involved, and living each day to the full.”

Home owners Alan and Liz Hallgath are lapping up Lakeside’s opportunities and have created a special Halcyon diary to keep track of all their activities.

“We have never been so busy and we can’t fit everything in,” Liz said.

“We have to be careful not to double-book ourselves.

“I’m doing circuit class, water aerobics and jewellery making on a Monday, craft on Tuesday, circuit class again on Wednesday and art on Thursday, it’s full-on every day.

“And there are new groups forming all the time.”

Alan fills his days with the garden club, distilling group, aqua aerobics, men’s movie nights and tennis, which Liz also plays.

“I’m so busy that it’s hard to get ‘me’ time,” he joked.

“I like the mix of what we do and there are things that I haven’t done yet that I’d like to try.”

Evenings are busy too with Liz and Alan sometimes finding they have just one night a week free.

“It’s very social here and we love the friendship and that feeling of having the support of a community around us,” Liz said.