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Rockin’ the Suburbs of B by Halcyon

July 18, 2023

Just like U2’s Larry Mullen Jr back in 1976, it was a drummer who first put a ‘musicians wanted’ call out at Stockland’s B by Halcyon.

Asking around to find out if anyone wanted to get together for a jam session unearthed many hidden talents within the lifestyle community designed for over 50s at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

Singer, pianist and band coordinator Rob Shinner is one of the founding members of the group that formed six months ago.

“Unfortunately, our original drummer had to leave due to health reasons, but our new drummer Rusty recently joined us for the first time. He hadn’t played for 51 years, but wow, he is good!” Rob explains.

“We have Beverley Pool who plays the guitar and sings. Bev had performed in bands in New Zealand.

“Chris Knox plays lead guitar and the bass, and he played in bands in South Africa. 

“Carolyn Sargent plays the piano and used to perform with an old-world dance group, and Chris Brownridge-Jones – he’s quite new – plays the acoustic guitar.”

The band members, all aged in their 60s and 70s, get together for a jam session every Wednesday. 

“We are working on getting some songs down; covers of ‘70s and ‘80s rock bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and a few country songs. 

“I’m new to piano. I only started to learn and play for myself in the past five years, so Bev has been teaching me how to play as part of a band. It’s quite different working with other musicians and a singer. We are learning how to blend.”

B by Halcyon is the first Halcyon community with a designated music studio complete with a piano, drum kit and speakers. 

“Stockland Halcyon Communities has been so supportive. We worked with the community team to develop this new facility and determine what equipment would be useful. It’s kind of a test case for something they might be able to offer in other communities in the future.”

With a little more practice, the yet-to-be-named band hopes to perform from time to time at the B by Halcyon Recreation Centre, which has a dance floor..

“We already hold a Sunday Chill session where everyone comes to relax, listen to music and have nibbles and drinks. Perhaps if we play on a Friday night we will get everyone up for a dance!” Rob says.


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