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Signs you're ready to retire right now

September 16, 2017

Did you know studies have shown that retirement actually makes people happier! Who would have thought? It’s a big life decision and some of us will refuse to accept now is the time to allow yourself the enjoyment and freedom we have worked so hard for. Below outlines some things that may be happening in your life that show you really are ready for the big R.

Your friends are retired and you secretly want to be them. You love listening to their stories of travel, spare time and newfound hobbies but you are silently jealous and might avoid some of the story telling/showing photos on the iPad events.

After hearing all of the awesome stories from your friends you’ve probably started planning your life in retirement, locking up the home, hitting the road and not looking back, finally getting to see Ayers Rock, do a Kimberley’s Tour and wrestle with a croc, going on a cruise or spending some quality time with the family, if all of these things tickle your fancy, you will have time to do them in your retirement.

You are attune to the fact that moving into your retirement can be very emotional, so having support through friends and family who really do care about your health and happiness is important. You have these people around you and are confident they will be a good support network for you during this time of change. 

You’ve been saving, you’ve worked out how much you need in your retirement fund, you’ve been downsizing where you can, like de-cluttering your home, minimizing non – critical processions, worked out how to maximise your super and make your savings really work for you.

(You’d be surprised how many people miscalculate how much they need in their retirement fund. If you’re counting down the days, you could be closer than you think).

Finally the work thing, by the time Friday rolls up you’re excited because you’ve got so many things planned. Then in a blink of the eye, it’s Monday and the dread of the working week sinks in. After all you’ve probably be donning the work wear for over 40 years now, who can blame you for wanting to really let your hair down.

At Halcyon we find that a lot of our homeowners will find themselves taking on odd jobs or volunteering their time to something they are really passionate about, this to them adds so much quality of life. Imagine just how freeing it would feel to be able to really decide how you want to spend your days.